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Politics of Thursday, 11 January 2007

Source: Lens

Ohene Ntow Lampooned By Party Activist

… Accused Of Closing His Doors To Activists And Asked To Shut Up

Nana Ohene Ntow, the man who became General Secretary of the NPP because the very powerful Dan Botwe/Akuffo Addo faction of that party chose not to work against his candidature, has been handed what should be a rude awakening, by a member of his own party.

Ohene Ntow, considered a rather noisy but shallow character, who loves making lots of unintelligent noises on the airwaves, was hit by what he did not expect last Monday evening.

Appearing as the only guest on Peace FM’s “Parliament of the Airwaves” Programme hosted by Kwesi Acquah, Nana Ohene Ntow, who obviously was enjoying the one man marathon, was woken up to the fact that even some of the diehard supporters of his party are no longer interested in all the empty talk. Harping on the resolutions taken at the NPP’s Delegates conference held at Koforidua, the General Secretary of the NPP kept harping on the issue of the need for ministers and other NPP functionaries to operate an open door policy that would see party activists swinging in and out of their revolving doors. That is where a party activist cum serial caller, Yaw Paul, came in. Yaw Paul, one of the NPP’s serial callers, apparently unable to stand the pretentious posturing of Ohene Ntow, during the phone-in session called into the programme and wore his heart on his sleeves.

An angry Yaw Paul, who could not hold back his anger, accused Ohene Ntow of being the major culprit as far as ignoring foot soldiers is concerned. The serial caller accused Ohene Ntow of shutting his doors to party activists anytime they visited the national headquarters of the party and treating them as if they were lepers.

“You Ohene Ntow, you are the one who treats us with contempt anytime we come to the party office. You shut your door, tell us you are busy, or just tell us to go away because you do not have time for us” an angry Yaw Paul said.

Yaw Paul further accused Ohene Ntow of being a hypocrite and asked him to shut up over the issue of neglect of foot soldiers since he was the worst offender. Nana Ohene Ntow was saved by the host of the programme, who realizing that the noisy General Secretary of the NPP was being taken apart, cut off the caller and claimed that the programme was not meant to attack the Ohene Ntow.

Nana Ohene Ntow’s unpopularity within the NPP is not in doubt. Members of his party in his own Akropong constituency have accused him of complicity in the murder of a member of his party in the run-up to the 2004 elections.

Nana Ohene Ntow, certainly not as popular as Dan Botwe was as General Secretary of the NPP, does have what it takes to sustain an intelligent debate as well as galvanize the foot soldiers, and the conventional wisdom among the higher-ups in the NPP is that he is most certainly going to be voted out of office should he put himself up for re-election at the end of his tenure.

Indeed, already moves were being made, just because of him, The Ghanaian Lens can reveal, to scrap the position of General Secretary in the NPP. But those moves were put on hold as sober minds advised against rushing to amend the NPP constitution just because of one inept individual.