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Politics of Wednesday, 23 August 2017


NPP losing media battle too early - Bukarson

The ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP has been charged to wake up on its communications and Public Relations after winning the 2016 general elections.

Government appointees and party leaders have also been urged to stop the sudden sense of pomposity and ostentatious life styles and revert to the simple and humble life styles that brought the party to power.

Failed Builsa North constituency parliamentary candidate, Mr. Listowell Yesu Bukarson believes, the party is losing the media battle to the other political parties and their media appendages because the party seems to have gone to sleep on its communication and PR.

“Suddenly, all our communicators have gone to sleep. Either enjoying appointments, been neglected, and or feel complacent” He admits.

Mr. Bukarson, adds that, “The kinds of party representatives on media platforms are not rip enough to, on many occasions advance the party’s achievements and programmes”

“Lately, you listen, watch and read party communicators and you ask whether we mean business with our communication” he laments.

According to him, government appointees who worked with the grassroots have suddenly cut off links and communication with the same communicators they worked with during the campaign.

“This is worrying. In fact it’s inimical to our course going forward”. Mr. Bukarson adds.

“I must admit, and in fact its known to all that the party worked with many media houses and sympathetic journalists who sacrificed their profession to ensure the party won power but today, same media houses and journalists seem forsaken and relegated, much to the chagrin of same” he emphasized.

“From region to region, constituency to constituency, district to district, communicators feel rejected and abandoned and that can’t be allowed to pertain”. Mr. Bukarson stresses.

“I want to urge the party to return to answering calls from these party faithful, these grassroots guys, these communicators, these journalists, these media houses, to keep the bond before it’s too late to recover” He said.

The former Ashanti Regional Chairman and International Freelance Journalist insist that, the party cannot pretend that it doesn’t need the media, journalists and party communicators to survive to actualize its campaign promises to the good people of Ghana.

Mr. Bukarson vowed to fight for the course of journalists, the media and communicators to ensure that they don’t turn against the party going forward.