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Politics of Sunday, 11 September 2016


NPP communicators attacking me for joining NDC - Fmr NPP Campaigner

A former Campaign Coordinator of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bole-Bamboi Constituency of the Northern Region Braa Prex-doe, has told that he is under attack from communicators of his former party over his defection.

“Ever since I defected from the NPP to NDC and announced it on my facebook wall, I have been under a barrage of abusive attacks from communicators who sound very intolerant and abusive”, he said

He dared those claiming he has been induced with cash to jilt his former party, to prove it or forever remain quiet indicating that he is an adult with conscience and will not mortgage his integrity for material things.

Braa Prex-doe said he is not perturbed by threats by some faceless individuals to release damming secrets about him saying “they can go ahead because I have no such secrets. If they feel they have it and will do to make me lose my reputation, I urge them to go ahead. What stops them”, he asked.

Provoked by the incessant attacks, he posted this on his facebook page” have just started blocking some stupid f***s who call themselves npp activists. Ever since I defected, they have no other business for their party except to discern on me here on Facebook, raining insults on me and peddling falsehood both in my inbox and on my wall. I have tolerated you guys for far too long and I have just started with Fred S****d Kawalbayi – a village attention seeking d**** from upper west, and Dan **** August, a f***** dagomba boy from jisonaayili – Tamale. If you guys want to use me to gain fames in your party, then I am completely sorry. Those who want to follow suit should try me. Do I not have my freedom to associate with the political party I desire? Why is it written in the constitution then?

He said he has no regrets joining the NDC and called on those who want to follow suit.

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