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Politics of Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Source: Progressive Northern Students

NPP Should Withdraw Ursula Owusu -PNS

We have just come across a statement circulating on the internet, purported to have been submitted by a faceleess group called 'Coalition Of Northern Youth Groups', which has raised certain spurious allegations , which we will like to immediately nullify.

The first allegation is that Mad Ursula Owusu of the Npp during a dicussion program on the kokrokoo morning show on 29th nov 2012, referred to northerners as cattle rearers

We listened to the program on that day, but did not hear any of the things the statement talked about, so to be sure we are not missing out on the facts,we have called for the tape and have listened to it thoroughly and nowhere did Mad Ursula Owusu mention or use the kind of language being referred to by the coalition representative.

It is therefore our considered opinion that really some mischief is being played out here. Consequently we are compelled to sound a note of caution to this coalition or whatever it is for that matter, that if the author of the statement wants to rather twist the matter and insult the intelligence of northeners, then this time we shall not fall into this propaganda trap, of the Ndc pitching northerners against akans. Our sources even indicate that the representative is not of northern descent but that is a story for another day. Indeed the Ndc has become very panicky about the Npp this time aound, especially when free education was added to nana's campaign manifesto, and Ndc knowing that nothing can stop the great elephant"s march to the castle, they have resorted to all kinds of dirty tricks , regardless of its mplications on the nation ( including sowing seeds of tribal hatred by northerners against our brothers and sisters in the south of the country over flimsy issues) but insha allah, this time, northerners are wiser.

Ursula never used those words or, at the very least, even implied that. And surely, any doubting Thomases can contact Mr Kwame Sefa Kayi, the host of the program or even the producer at peace fm, for the tape in question for a thorough perusal on it .

This is an outright lie,, a pathetic lie and if these 'rented' guys did not understand the twi language she spoke, they should rather be apolosing to northerners for instigating us to into a phantom fracas.

Another allegation levelled in their statement is that the Npp treated the late vice president shamefully? Now what is the slightest iota of truth in this allegation?. The truth is that Aliu died mainly because of the shabby tratment Ndc meted out to the Npp big wigs over these last 4 years the NPP has been in opposition. Look even at how they shamefully harassed Prez Kuffuor who had done so much for Ghana. Indeed, if Aliu was not happy , why then was he campaigning intensely for Nana Akuffo Addo and the Npp. In any case, how much more can a party in opposition , which has been ruthlessly stifled by the govt do for its leaders.

Also, if this so called coalition group cares to know..... if Aliu did not succeed in succeeding Kuffuor as the Npp's flagbearer for the 2008 elections, it was because Npp practices better democracy than the Ndc which 'appoints' their party's flagbearers.How then could Pres Kuffuor annoint Aliu to succeed him when that would have run contrary to the party's constitution and competitve spirit. At any rate, isn't the college of delegates the ones who decide who should be who in the party, and didnt the delegates include delegates from the three northeern regions, most of whom voted freely for Nana Addo, and not for Aliu. So from where cometh this disgraceful allegation that Aliu did not succeed Kufuor because he was a northerner, but not either an ashanti or an akyem. This kind of allegation can come from nation wreckers who are just out to do whatever mischief or say whatever loathsome things they can, and damn the social consequences in order to obtain a morcel of bread fom their mischievous employers..apparently the Ndc. In any case when Prof K. A,Busia headed the Progress party to form the govt in the late 1960s, was Busia an ashanti or an akyem? Also, all the things spoken about Nana Addo and Gaby Otchere Darko, whether they visited Aliu Mahama is neither here nor there.The evidence has been established that Nana Addo visited him at least on two occasions, and these were private visits which have been confirmed by Aliu's wife and family, so where is this new mischief coming from?.

All the other allegations made in the statement are so spurious, they should not be worthy of any further comment from us. They are cheap and merely calculated to derive a wedge between northerners and southerners and thereby give the Ndc a certain politcal advantage.

After, all what has those of us from dagbon benefitted from the Ndc, except failed promises to bring the perpertrators of the late Ya Na Yakubu Andani, (of blessed memory) to book. What have we got to show as our reward for voting massively for the Ndc in 2004 and 2008.

Whatever any of the phantom Ndc- rented coalitions do, they cannot for example,separate the ashantis from the dagombas, because there are historical , cultural and biological ties that go centuries back. They cannot also annul the fact that the akans came down to southern Ghana from northern Ghana, and that generally our DNAs, (both northern and southern Ghanaians with the exception of the Gas and the Ewes) trace to a shared ancestry. And we can bet, this faceless coalition does not even know that the Npp traces it's roots to the Northern's People Party, which invited Prof Busia to join them in forming a group to fight Nkrumah's tyranny...., this union led to the birth of the Progress Party ., which became the grandfather to the current Npp.

Cletus Abolga Progressive Northern Students Navrongo