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Politics of Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Source: Daily Democrat

NPP Helpless At Abuakwa North


By Daily Democrat Reporter

The tsunami that erupted in the Abuakwa North New Patriotic Party (NPP) when His Excellency Ambassador
Victor Smith declared his intention to contest the Abuakwa North constituency parliamentary seat has left the opposition in a serious whirlpool with the NPP leadership making frantic efforts to do damage control but to no avail.
Hon Victor Smith’s decision crystallized with massive defection of NPP members to support his bid, creating more headaches for the entire NPP structure across the country and forcing former President Kufuor to intervene by arranging meetings with defectors to implore them to reconsider their actions and rescind the decision in the supreme interest of the party.
Defending their wise decision to vote for the NDC candidate, the defectors stated that the NPP parliamentary candidate for the 2012 general elections, J.B. Danquah cannot offer the constituency the needed leadership to propel developments as identified in His Excellency, Ambassador Victor Smith hence the massive support to vote for him.
Nana Akufo-Addo, the NPP Presidential candidate for the 2012 December elections was the former MP for the area when it was Abuakwa constituency before it was divided into south and north constituencies.
As the dust is settling in the NPP camp, three Gurus in the Constituency namely Kenneth Ankomah, alias Black Calico, Kwesi Anane, alias Kobo and George Kwame Frimpong, alias Be Bold, the Chairman of Disciplinary Committee over the weekend also defected to Victor Smith’s camp, the Mputuo hene for Abuakwa North. According to them, they were motivated by his vision and passion for development.
In an interview with the Daily Democrat, they regretted their ‘zombie’ voting pattern in the past for the NPP without due consideration for the capability of the Candidate to serve the larger interest of the people with developments.
“We were blinded by our unalloyed loyalty to the NPP, holding the view that even a goat in NPP’s colours must be elected to represent the constituency,” they stated.
This time around, their agenda is development and in as far as Victor Smith has shown that he has what it takes to develop Abuakwa-North, they will campaign for him.
Touching on other reasons why they left J.B. Danquah, the three said he is not a truthful person because he failed to fulfill several promises he made including promising to assist widows in the constituency.
Kwame Frimpong confessed that he had personally vowed to ensure that Victor Smith does not win the elections but the level of development the constituency has witnessed through the NDC parliamentary candidate has left him with no choice but to join and help him win so that the constituency will witness more developments.
He described Victor Smith as somebody committed to addressing the needs of the people with the development of Abuakwa-North dear to his heart and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that it rises from the doldrums.
This Saturday Victor Smith will officially launch his campaign to annex the seat from the NPP. Hundreds of NPP supporters have since his declaration of intention to become their MP, moved to join his camp, pledging support for him and leaving J.B. Danquah Adu in the lurch.
In the light of these disasters, the party has adopted diabolic agenda to discredit and destroy the NDC candidate, the last option left for the NPP in the area to rescue their political fortune and also help boost Nana Addo’ dented political image in the constituency.
First, the NPP attempted to discredit the defections creating the impression that they were fake but the more they tried, the more NPP members defect to join Victor Smith’s bid.
The latest desperate move by the NPP is to align Nana Addo with Victor Smith on his magnificent posters to convince defectors to offer their presidential votes because Victor has endorsed it.
NPP women in the area are forming groups to support Victor Smith’s campaign to win more NPP votes.