Politics of Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Source: peacefmonline

NPP Can Only Hold Rallies In Space Not Odododiodio - Nii Lante

A Presidential Aide has served notice that the ruling party will not countenance any communist inferior tactics by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that threatens to indeed undermine the peace of the country, especially in the Odododiodio constituency.

Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, who is also the NDC Parliamentary Candidate elect for the Odododiodio Constituency warned that any form of violent action or intimidatory tactics by the NPP will be crushed.

The NPP, on Saturday, held what they described as a “gargantuan rally” at Mantse Agbona in James Town, traditionally a stronghold of the ruling NDC (the NPP only won the seat in 2000) which is located within the Odododiodio constituency.

Described by many as largely a peaceful event, reports say some supporters of the NPP, on the day of the rally, defaced posters bearing the image of the parliamentary candidate and flags belonging to the NDC.

The NDC Parliamentary candidate who confirmed this on Asempa FM, however, disclosed that as a law-abiding citizen, he lodged a report with the James Town police.

Clearly not enthused by the action of the NPP supporters, Nii Lantey Vanderpuije pointed out that if destruction of NDC paraphernalia at Odododiodio is what the NPP meant by their “all die be die” battle-cry, then they should prepare for what awaits them.

“When the incident occurred (it was reported on a radio station), I received a call from the president (Mills) who asked me to hold my cool. He (Mills) asked me to advice my boys to stay calm and allow them (NPP) to do whatever they wanted to do…but to ensure that I report the matter to the police which I did… The police decided not to heighten any tension in the area by effecting arrests so they (police) simply took down the names of the perpetrators as well as still images of them whiles they were engaged in their destructive action…,” he said.

The presidential aide, who is mourning the death of his mother, also warned that the next move by the NPP to engage in a repeat of what transpired in his constituency will be fiercely resisted.

“If they believe they are real men and understand the “all die be die” very well, they should come and try it again in my constituency. It will never happen again in Odododiodio. If they believe wholly in the message they preached on Saturday, then they should come and try it again…If this is the beginning of the all die be die, then they are mistaken. I bet you this would remain as the first and none of such acts would be recorded again in my constituency….I’m mourning the death of my late mother and once I lay her down peacefully, I swear to you that the NPP can never organize any rally in Odododiodio in the near future, if that is their mission. The only place that will be safe for them (to hold their rally) will be in space, and not in my constituency,” he stated.