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Politics of Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Source: Moses Yaw Krubi, Accra

NDC's 'coup' plot against Terkper is useless

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is on a suicide mission as the party has armed itself very well for self-destruction. Some activists of the party rush into asking for the heads of some ministers without considering what those ministers stand for.

One person who has become the number one enemy in his own party is Mr. Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning. The calm, firm and gentle minister incurred the wrath of his colleagues immediately he announced a collective Cabinet decision that government would not award new contracts because government wanted to clear all outstanding debt owed contractors.

Mr. Terkper’s crime was that he was the person President John Dramani Mahama sent to deliver that ‘No Contract’ message after the decision was taken.

His own colleagues hatched various plans against him and hirelings were made to go after him on radio, newspapers and other platforms.

It took no other person than the National Chairman of the NDC, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, to also go after Mr. Terkper by claiming that the Finance Minister was making government unpopular. Weird!

Interestingly, Dr. Adjei as the Chairman of the ruling party attends Cabinet meetings and might be present when certain crucial decisions were made.

Amazingly, Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mr. Mahama Ayariga, was on his favorite Accra-based Joy FM, and claimed that Mr. Terkper was making his work difficult with some of the things going on with the economy.

The man who is supposed to be the information minister could not approach his colleague at the finance ministry to help him with issues, but rather decide to go haywire on Joy FM.

Then came a Member of Parliament, Oti Blessing, and Mr. Allotey Jacob, a member of the NDC communications team, lambasting Mr. Terkper that things are hard.

It is no secret that Mr. Terkper is blocking certain ministers and civil servants who wanted to have their way and do their own thing and that is how come some persons are unhappy with him.

Unfortunately, the attacks against Terkper are rather making President Mahama unpopular as most of the decisions by the finance minister represent the position of government.

Mr. Terkper does not have personal policies; he works in direct consultation with the Economic Management Team and other stakeholders.

Is it a crime in NDC today to be truthful as Mr. Terkper is? Is it a crime to freeze contracts because the government owes lots of contractors? Is it a crime to decide not to play the ‘dirty’ game with other persons who are only thinking of their personal gains?

Dr. Adjei, Oti Bless, Mr. Ayariga and Mr. Allotey Jacobs, targeting Mr. Terkper for reasons known to them [per their actions] is the worst they can do to the NDC in times like these.

Mr. Terkper does implement his personal policies and should not be made to feel that he is the worse minister in modern times.

Mr. Terkper should be left alone to do his work because the fiat on contracts that has made people angry and are chasing him has saved the government from a lot of ugly noises that most governments have had to deal with in the past, and is still in force.

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