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Politics of Thursday, 21 July 2016


NDC motor riders chase Sofo Azorka

Motor Riders Youth Association of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Northern Region has threatened to vote ‘skirt and blouse’ come November 7 should the President fail to call the Regional Chairman of the party, Chief Sofo Azorka and other regional executives of the party to order.

Members of the association accused the regional chairman of the NDC of deliberately diverting monies and incentives provided by the president during his tour to the region, indicating that they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and support for the party over the years.

According to the group, about 90 percent of the party’s foot-soldiers had threatened to vote against MPs from the Northern Region, as well as the party if drastic measures are not taken to address their concerns.

They accused the NDC MPs in the region of failing to fulfill their promise of getting them motorbikes and jobs.

“My brother I tell you we are really suffering here, we have wives and children so just imagine this and they say our government is in power meanwhile we are suffering so if the president does not do anything we will surprise him.”

The group indicated that the party must recognize the role the motor riders played in bringing the party back to power and that it was regrettable that some members lost their lives during the struggle.

Secretary of the group, Umar Sualiasu told DAILY GUIDE that “we, the motor riders, fear that many of the youth will abandon all activities of the party which will eventually affect the party come November 7.

He reminded President Mahama of the challenges the group faced during previous rallies and tours by the party’s elders in the region from 1992 to date.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, the NDC Director for Elections, Rashid Tanko, said he saw the Northern Regional Chairman Chief Sofo Azorka giving out money and incentives to the constituency chairmen and youth organizers to be given to the motor riders in their various constituencies.

There used to be one association of motor riders but now there are many in the various constituencies like Tamale North, Tamale South, Tamale Central, Sagnarigu, Savelugu, Nanton, Tolon, according to him.

He stated that the party would meet members of the Motor Riders Association to listen to their grievances and take steps to address them.