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Politics of Tuesday, 16 August 2016


NDC is a conglomerate of fraudsters & tricksters - Obiri Boahen

Deputy Scribe of New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Obiri Boahen, says the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) is not a political party as leaders will want Ghanaians to believe.

In his view, the NDC is a conglomeration of fraudsters and tricksters, dishonest characters who have come together in the name of a political party.

“These are mediocre Irresponsible characters occupying irresponsible positions and very unreasonable characters. Do you think the NDC is a party? It is a conglomeration of fraudsters, tricksters and dishonest characters coming together,” he told Lantam Papanko on the Ultimate Breakfast show.

The Former Deputy Interior Minister of State during the erstwhile President Kufour led government, wondered why the NDC will make NPP its subject matter at its campaign launch to the extent the president himself conferred an ‘Olympic medal of insults” on the party.

“The Montie 3 are not members of the NPP…..Even after being jailed for their insulting conduct, NDC leaders went visiting them at the Nsawam Prisons and hailing them after signing petitions. They have not received that medal how come the president overlooked them and want the NPP to take it”, h quizzed.

According to him, his own party and the Montie 3 are more deserving of the “Olympic Gold Medal of Insults” because they top the chat on insults, innuendos and vituperations with the the Montie 3 standing tall compared to others.

He accused President Mahama of encouraging insulting behavior by rewarding persons with such conduct with juicy positions as ministers in his government and therefore has no moral justification to tag his political opponents as insulting.