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Politics of Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Mahama doesn’t need ‘sick’ Bukom Banku's endorsement

The Communication Director for Faithful for Mahama Movement Micheal Kwaku Ola has disclosed that Presiedent John Mahama doesn’t need the endorsement of famous boxer Braimah Kamoko popularly known as Bukom Banku.

He said Bukom Banku cannot endorsed President John Mahama with his ‘’ sick and insane’’ attitude.

According to him, the demeanor and posture of the talented boxer seems to disparage the integrity of president’s campaign team.

Michael Ola in a strong worded statement issued and copied to on Tuesday 15th June, 2016 called on the television and radio stations to refrain from granting interviews with him.

Below is the full statement:

The boxer bukom banku in recent times have portrayed certain attitudes on social media and associated it to his support to the President, John Dramani Mahama. It is no surprised, a morally upright party like the NDC, would dissociate itself from his acts. I think all meaning Ghanaians have been uncomfortable with him bleaching and the reasons that made him to.

So lame a reason and for him to flaunt it on social media and all is an indictment on us as Ghanaians and as black people. I believe only people who have psychological challenge ges would do that. It is unacceptable for a popular figure of his caliber to behave like that in public. Only God knows how many kids have been motivated by his actions to also want to bleach their skins to look light.

But what has been his motivation? The media have been his motivation. We waste time to call him on radio and TV to give him the platform to exude his mental malfunction? Couldn’t we have used the same minutes on air to abase him to discourage others from following his footsteps?

Bukum Banku needs help not hype!

We don't have to encourage such acts by hosting such "sick" people TV and radio to waste people's airtime and ears. The best we can do for him is to advise him to seek a psychological assistance. The guy is going insane people!

As a supporter for the President and a campaigner for his second term, due to the visibly had works and developments he's enforces, and as such being the director for communications for the national Faithful for MAHAMA Movement and the Ashanti Faithfuls for MAHAMA, I cannot seem to fathom why anybody would think of mentioning President Mahama in his nude acts on camera and disrespectful acts of fondling women breast in public?

What happened to law against indecent exposure? Why haven’t the police arrested him for going naked in public and the ministry for women and gender cautioned him against such acts of disrespecting women?

I guess they all might be agreeing with me on the fact that Bukom Banku might be psychologically imbalanced and needs help rather than hype from social media and the general media.

I think there are more issues that are craving for attention than a "sick man" showing us his illness and need for help. The guy wears eye lashes and we invite him on radio to explain why he's doing that? I will not be surprised to see him wearing ladies dresses in public in the days to come.

Michael Kwaku Ola
Director for communications,
National Faithfuls for MAHAMA and Ashanti faithfuls for Mahama.