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Politics of Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Source: Ablordeppey, Samuel

M.P for Abuakwa South is impotent-PAYAS

*Story by: Samuel Ablordeppey*

There is gargantuan political confusion in the Abuakwa South constituency in the Eastern region as the youth for the area is calling on the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Member of Parliament (MP) Atta Akyea to step down or welcome disgrace and defeat in the upcoming December 2012 general elections.

According to the leadership of the group calling itself the Patriotic Youth of Abuakwa South (PAYAS) ‘’the only standing achievement of Atta Akyea in the whole of the 32 towns and villages in Abuakwa South is an abandoned semi-completed toilet facility which has now become a safety hazard in Kibi. ‘’Atta Akyea is politically impotent,’ the group said.

The group indicated rather sadly that there were countless issues facing the people in Abuakwa South in areas such as education, health, illegal mining and the pollution of the river Birim among other pressing problems which have been ignored by the N.P.P M.P for the area Atta Akyea.

In a press releases issues and signed by the coordinator of the PAYAS Kojo Owusu accused Atta Akyea of using his law practice for monetary gains and not found the need to use his practice in advocating on social problems mentioned. ‘’He is not in politics to serve the people.’’

Kojo Owusu said, they are concerned that the current situation would empower the ruling NDC in Abuakwa South and will affect the electoral fortunes of the NPP with immediate and long term consequences.

Due to his failure to keep the developmental flame of the constituency alive, PAYAS has appealed to the youth, chiefs and people of Abuakwa South to accept another son of the land to contest as an independent candidate to brush away the canker which has engulfed their land in acrimony and distrust.

‘’We have a rich heritage and abundant resources which can be harnessed for the benefit of all. We therefore urge our people to appeal to a former member of parliament for the area, Owuraku Amofa to contest as independent candidate,’’ PAYAS said.

According to the leadership of PAYAS, after critical interrogation of the personal character and official conduct of the Hon. M.P for the area they came to the conclusion that Atta Akyea is not fit to continue to be the legislator for the area.

The group alleged that Atta Akyea has substituted his prescribed duty of party organization and community development with the incitement of divisive and explosive chieftaincy issues. ‘’in the past three years Att Akyea has shown appalling arrogance and neglect to the people of Abuakwa South constituency.’’

Kojo Owusu stated that the legislator and the lawyer for the constituency have neglected all 32 towns and villages and devoted his energies to a section of Kyebi Royalist for the sake of needless chieftaincy feuds that have no link to the aspirations and aims of party followers.

The group continued that, Hon. Atta Akyea has provoked the youth and compounded his predicament by employing the entire administrative and organizational machinery of the NPP in Abuakwa South to aimless pursuits.

‘’The M.P has utterly distanced himself from the party grass root giving rise to a great deal of apathy within the rank and file in the 32 towns and villages, he has totally devoted himself on several occasions of disunity and social strife in the constituency,’’ the coordinator alleged.

PAYAS stated that, the former deputy tourism minister under the former President Rawlings regime and M.P for Abuakwa South Owuraku Amofa would be the best candidate to fully represent the people of the area for accelerated development.

‘’Atta Akyea must come down to earth and grasp the reality of the uphill task he has to face in this election year against Owuraku Amofa. Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice to do so wisely and we believe the people of Abuakwa South are set for it,’’ Kojo Owusu said.