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Politics of Saturday, 12 May 2007

Source: Lens

Lens: Is Addo Kufuor Really An Achiever?

Kwame Addo Kufuor, the Defence Minister brother of John Agyekum Diawuo Kofi Kufuor, has not hidden his ambition to take over from his brother as the Leader of the NPP.

Indeed, Kwame Addo Kufuor’s desire to take over from his failed elder brother as Leader of the NPP, is so he can also take over from his brother as President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.

As far as Philip Kwame Addo Kufuor is concerned, NPP delegates are so stupid that they would allow him to take over from his brother as their Leader and that the generality of Ghanaians are also so stupid that we would let the failed John hand over to his brother Philip to continue taking the country deeper into the throes of bad governance.

In pursuance of his dream, Philip Addo Kufuor continues to get his agents to pan him out as an achiever.

Indeed, on Radio Gold yesterday one Sir John, one of the NPP’s serial noisemakers, who doubles as the official news outlet on Philip Addo Kufuor had this to say; “Addo Kufuor is an achiever”.

It is this position by Sir John the noisemaker and spokesperson for Philip Addo Kufuor that is making The Ghanaian Lens move its antennae in a certain direction.

Personally, the fact that Philip Addo Kufuor is a medical doctor means that he has a achieved a lot for himself. We have no qualms about that.

But as a member of the failed NPP government of his elder brother, we beg to say that Addo Kufuor is no achiever.

The Ghanaian Lens has had the opportunity to publish irrefutable stories on the Ghana Armed Forces and it is for such a reason that we cannot help but laugh out loud if the likes of Sir John want to disturb the airwaves and foul the air with their utterances.

First of all, we published that it is only in the time of Philip Addo Kufuor that an army colonel (Brakatuo) has gone AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) because he was dissatisfied with happenings in the Ghana Armed Forces and the army has not denied our story.

We also published that the Ghana Airforce has lost lots of pilots because the Airforce has been starved of certain things because it is wrongly perceived as the creation of former President Rawlings and the army has not denied our story.

The other ranks never cease to let out their frustrations as to how they hardly receive uniforms and boots ever since the NPP took over the reins of government and the Ministry of Defence has not denied the story.

When it comes to logistics, the Ghana Armed Forces is experiencing a drought as most of their vehicles and working equipments are either not functioning or are virtually dead. Of course the senior officers have been given vehicles and so it may seem as if all is well.

Can you believe that the Ghana Armed Forces now hires buses from private firms for its use? That is the situation in our Ghana Armed Forces.

Go to the Works Services Department (GE) for example and there is no vehicle for the workers to move around.

Indeed, at a hurriedly put together press conference to react to a telling story The Ghanaian Lens carried on the way officers and men are deserting the force, the Chief of Staff at the Army HQ, Brigadier General Bob Winful, admitted that the army is losing lots of its men to the United Nations and that the army has written to the UN to make sure that the officers and men they recruit disengage properly from the Ghana Army.

In other words, officers and men are leaving without notifying the relevant authorities and the question is; why is it so?

Philip Kwame Addo Kufuor is the only Minister in the NPP government who has not been moved from his ministry and it is not because he is doing a yeoman’s job, but because his elder brother prefers to keep him at a place where the workers would not make noise and thereby expose Addo Kufuor.

Everybody knows that there is no way the Ghana Army would go on strike or stage a demonstration and that is where the impression is being created that the soldiers are in heaven.

The soldiers are not talking because their rules of engagement do not allow them so to do.

Was Philip Addo Kufuor not the acting Interior Minister when Mr. Hodari Okine was dismissed from the Immigration Service for no apparent reason?

Is that the mark of an achiever?

If indeed Philip Kwame Addo Kufuor is an achiever, and has really achieved a lot at the Defence Ministry, why does his brother not move him to the health ministry to go and solve the numerous problems there?

Come to think of it, was Addo Kufuor not the shadow minister for health?

So why is his brother not making him Health Minister for him to go and solve the plethora of problems bedeviling that sector?

John Agyekum Kufuor knows how his brother’s shortcomings would be exposed anywhere apart from the Ministry of Defence and that is why he has refused to move his brother around as he has done to Hackman, Akuffo Addo and co.

The Ghanaian Lens is actually investigating how tons of goods are imported in the name of the Ghana Army but end up going to individuals within the NPP.

In fact, we promised to give our readers salacious details about how certain contracts were awarded by the Ministry of Defence and we certainly have not reneged on our promise.

The Ghanaian Lens cannot be bothered who the NPP wants to have as their Leader but when it comes to matters concerning Ghana, we would certainly stick our finger into every soup pot available.

Is Philip Kwame Addo Kufuor really an achiever? Decide for yourselves