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Politics of Wednesday, 11 September 2019


It’s not our fault that you don’t understand Akufo-Addo’s eloquent accent – NPP jabs NDC

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has hit hard at the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) over what they say is the latter's inability to comprehend and ‘digest’ information from the President because of his eloquence.

The NDC held a press conference on Tuesday, in reaction to the President's address on issues of corruption at an annual Bar conference in Takoradi.

General Secretary of the Party, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, during the presser, accused the ruling government of negligence, greed and corruption.

They alleged that the government schemed, knowing the consequences of their actions, to oversee the shady PDS-ECG agreement.

They also accused the President of planning a ‘state capture agenda’.

Responding to these allegations Wednesday, Mr. Boadu said the NDC’s response was resultant of their inability to comprehend the speech of the President and the import of the message he wanted to put across.

“The President has spoken clearly and eloquently, and I dare to say, that speaking eloquently also is a problem for the NDC. I don’t expect anything better than that, that the president speaks eloquently and that too is a problem for them and they call it acquired accent, that’s why we all went to school anyway.
We couldn’t have carried our grandfathers’ accent to modern-day politics”, he said.

He further described the message from the NDC as empty and repetitive.

“It is good that the NDC responded appropriately at that time and that gives us the opportunity to judge them, put it side by side, against that of the President.

I dare say, if the NDC had realized beforehand, the import of the President’s speech on Monday, they would have revised their dates and their speech itself substantially.

I have no doubts that the NDC’s speech was a tasteless and unappetizing soup. Full of innuendos, character smearing, vague suppositions and no solutions. The NDC’s speech on Tuesday does reflect their principles that has been rejected by the Ghanaian people.

It is a shame that this message does not seem to have sunk in for the NDC. I imagine that if you’ve been doing the same unimaginative and destructive thing for the past the longest any single entity has ruled our nation since independence, it is difficult to switch gears and come up with truly innovative thinking and action.
As they say, it is difficult to teach old dogs new tricks”.

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