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Politics of Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Source: GNA

Iddrisu to lead NDC to victory in Election 2008

Accra, July 18, GNA - Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, a founding member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), on Monday said he would successfully lead the Party to win Election 2008 convincingly. He said his campaign would focus on issues that would strategically position the Party for excellent performance adding; 93more importantly my campaign shall focus on measures to strengthen national unity and social cohesion by emphasizing the urgent need to rectify the troubling disparities in the creation and distribution of wealth among regions, between gender and within different social groups=94.

A statement issued by Alhaji Iddrisu in Accra in which he declared his intention to contest for NDC presidential slot for Election 2008; he said: "My message to all is simple and straightforward: A change to an NDC administration under my leadership is the best way to secure rapid economic growth and broad prosperity for all."

He called on NDC supporters, to give him the mandate to lead the NDC into victory in Election 2008.

Alhaji Iddrisu said he was an honest and visionary leader, who could inspire and mobilise the abundant human and capital resources to generate growth and commitment for the country. He said there was the need to take fresh look at developmental policies and growth strategies, since macro economic stability and growth, without tangible benefits to the ordinary Ghanaian, was not enough in itself.

"Growth only makes sense, and the development process is only sustainable when the strategies of growth adopted have the ingredients for delivering opportunities for the broadest majority. This, in essence, is the ethos of social democracy", Alhaji Iddrisu said. He said Social Democracy was the philosophy of the NDC to which he fully subscribed and pledged 93to uphold it when elected the next president of this dear country under a new NDC administration. =93In order to effect all this change, I am determined to run a responsible and disciplined campaign."

Alhaji Iddrisu said he was happy that he had 93a critical mass of reliable, capable and astute organizers and activists, who supported me in the past and are able and willing to offer their services in my current quest and campaign".

He said he had a rich background of management expertise at the national level and had enjoyed unblemished tenure in public service and that his career in banking had been reinforced and consolidated by an active participation in leadership and governance of the country. He said he gained a lot of experience 'upon which maturity has been built'

"These are priceless assets and achievements demonstrating leadership and commitment through dedicated and loyal service to my country. This background and experience has also been the resource of my abiding faith and confidence in the people of Ghana" he said.

Alhaji Iddrisu, who served as a PNDC member and a Defence Minister in the NDC Government said he had to delay announcing his intention to contest for the leadership of the Party in consonance with the rules of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Party, that determined the regulatory framework and eligibility criteria of aspirants. 18 July 06