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Politics of Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I’ll speak against wrongs in NPP - A Plus

Controversial musician cum comedian A Plus has stated he will not succumb to pressures and stop attacking the government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) if it takes unpopular decisions that will not inure to the benefit of the citizenry.

He said “Some people say I’m hauling fuel so I should shut up and chop. B?i!!! ???????????????????? If they like they should dash Tema Oil Refinery to me. I’ll still condemn what is wrong. Which kind haulage? That #Gbemi business? ????????????????????????????

A Plus the decision not to implement the controversial towing levy was taken at a cabinet meeting disclosing that both the President and his Vice did not endorse the idea.

“The president is so angry about this bogus tow levy nonsense. The vice president is so angry. The decision not to pass that bill was taken at a cabinet meeting. But too many powerful people in government have taken so much money that they’re doing everything possible to pass it. Some NPP people have acquired shares in the “NDC towing company” and are therefore doing everything possible to pass it. The Information ministry was asked to release a statement about 3 days ago but have refused. I won’t be surprised if they have also taken some of the bribes.

You see, we didn’t vote for angels. We voted for human beings. We expect some of these things to happen. The difference between NPP and NDC is that we will condemn what is wrong even if it’s from our own. We won’t be like John Mahama and His NDC who defended or promote a government official to the office of the president anytime he or she was implicated is some corrupt deal”