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I Could Only Go To Parliament If I Warm Party Chairman’s Bed-NDC P.C Alleges
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Politics of Thursday, 1 November 2012

Source: Kabu, Solomon

I Could Only Go To Parliament If I Warm Party Chairman’s Bed-NDC P.C Alleges

Indeed the political temperature is really turning hot on various political platforms. And I must say it is getting nasty in some parts of the country. The ugly and shameful aspect is the intra-party conflicts. Are the various political actors looking at their audience and delivering messages that are consistent and resonates with the electorates?

Clearly, it seems some of the candidates either forget themselves on platforms or they are simply immature political communicators.

It’s most unfortunate that this time the web caught one Mrs. Comfort Doyo Cudjoe Ghansah, the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Ada. Mrs. Cudjoe Ghansah is credited for beating former Deputy Director-General of Ghana Education Service and a former Minister of Education, Hon. Alex Tettey-Enyo in the NDC’s primaries putting his political career into oblivion.

It is therefore surprising the low standard exhibited by Mrs. Cudjoe Ghansah as parliamentary candidate. Her deliveries and communication skills are so porous and distasteful to say the least. And for competence the good people of Ada are the best judges.

It is shocking that Mrs. Cudjoe Ghansah, NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Ada on a platform at Bana Park alleged that his constituency chairman wants her to warm his bed before he will support her bid in getting to the august house of parliament. Wow! Does the Ghanaian electorate deserve all these?

Assuming the allegation is true was that the appropriate platform to put that across? Where is the political maturity especially since both Mrs. Cudjoe Ghansah and the chairman are from the same party NDC?

Also, why would an NDC chairman sleep with a married woman before supporting her ambition if the allegation is anything to go by?

Again, could it be that the NDC chairman knows something the good people of Ada and Ghanaians do not know hence he was trying his luck to get the woman (Mrs. Cudjoe Ghansah) to warm his bed?

Seriously, the good people of Ada deserve better. These private issues should be kept as such but if leaders won’t do that and they voluntarily want all of us to participate in their deeds then we have no option than to subject their assertions and allegations to scrutiny. Personally these unnecessary and backward internal wrangling among the NDC in various constituencies across the country especially in Ada is nauseating!

The people of Ada have the fine opportunity to vote for quality representative and for the right political party. Change now! That should be the motivation to 7th December polls. The NPP in Ada elected a vibrant and a hard working woman representing the constituency; she is Mrs. Betty Atsupe Gorleku Quarshie.
I have a recording where Mrs. Cudjoe Ghansah completely striped off the status of Emmanuel Tetteh Kabu (Nene Kaketo). Nene Kaketo is also a member of the NDC who is contesting as an independent candidate for Ada constituency. She actually used intemperate language that I would not repeat now in describing her party man who fell out of the party to stand as an independent candidate.

It is evident that Mrs. Cudjoe Ghansah is frustrated. And I understand her because she sees defeat staring her in the face. But that is no guarantee for lack of decency and moral turpitude.

Like what former President J. J. Rawlings said most NDC parliamentary candidates will lose to the opposition. And when you go to the grounds it’s so glaring. Ghanaians are disenchanted and disillusioned; and the despondency in Ghana is evident for all to witness. I am not too surprise at some NDC candidates and functionaries splashing out money to buy the conscience of electorates. Ghanaian electorates are wise. The money belongs to you. Take it but don’t forget to vote for those who will bring real development and total transformation to our economy with an educated workforce. Let us think about the future of Ghana and vote for the right candidates in both presidential and parliamentary levels.

Change Now! Together we can; Join the big thinkers...and let us collectively make it happen by God’s grace.
God bless Ghana.
Source: Solomon Kabu (solomonkabu@yahoo.com)

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