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Politics of Thursday, 10 June 2010

Source: The Informer

Herbert Mensah Is A Trojan Horse

Nii Lantey Cautions

Monitoring Desk Report

Following the open declaration by Jerry John Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings that they want to once again have the chance to govern and have their way as they did for 19 years, Herbert Mensah, a key architect of the Konadu Rawlings for 2012 agenda, has come under intense fire from diehard NDC members.

Nii Lantey Vanderpuje, a cadre of the Revolution and now Special Aide to President John Evans Atta Mills, has asked the NDC to be wary of the obvious pretentious activities of Herbert Mensah, one-time CEO of Asante Kotoko and key member of the NPP.

According to Nii Lantey, he knows it for a fact that Herbert Mensah was very instrumental in getting the NDC out of power in 2000, using some key media personnel to do maximum damage to the NDC.

Sounding very passionate in his delivery, Nii Lantey, on Adom FM yesterday morning, said that he has every reason to believe that Herbert Mensah is a Trojan Horse who is pretending to love Jerry Rawlings and his wife, for his personal gain.

“If Herbert Mensah wants people like me to believe that he is now an NDC member, he should come out openly and say that he now believes in the ideals of the NDC and that the NDC is a better party than the NPP” Nii Lantey said.
Stressing his point that Herbert Mensah could be a Trojan Horse, the one-time ace GBC commentator said that Herbert is a dyed-in-the-wool NPP member and that it is a matter of public record that Mr. B.A. Mensah, Herbert’s father, is one of the Founding Fathers of the NPP.
Nii Lantey, who will have none of Herbert Mensah’s recent posturing, said that the NDC must learn from what happened to the party after the loss in 2000, and make sure that no charlatans benefit from the sweat and toil of the foot soldiers who fought for the NDC’s victory.
Making reference to 2000, Nii Lantey recounted how when the NDC was in power, lots of people claimed to be NDC and benefited immensely from political patronage but bolted from the party immediately after the defeat.
“I still remember vividly how businessmen who made a lot of money from the NDC, run away and joined the NPP when we lost hence my call for the NDC to be wary of Herbert Mensah and his claim to now being a part of the NDC family” Nii Lantey said.
According to Nii Lantey, Herbert Mensah cannot claim to love Rawlings more than people like him who have continued to toil for the NDC and so Herbert will have to do a lot to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is not a wolf in sheepskin.
Or to use Jerry John Rawlings’ own jargon, Herbert will have prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is not a “greedy bastard”.
The Editors Note
With Herbert Mensah entering politics headlong, and with him daring to mount the June 4 platform at Tamale to cast aspersions at President Atta Mills and his Government, the daggers seem to be drawn and Herbert may have to be prepared for what will come his way.
And for starters, The Informer will not hesitate but to expose Herbert Mensah of his secret relationship with the Rawlingses, hence his latest pranks to throw dust into people’s eyes, particularly followers of the NDC of his loyalty to Nana Konadu and her husband.
Also those of us at The Informer are advising Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings not to pay attention to Herbert Mensah and embark on their supposed journey; else they will only become an object of hatred and ridicule.
The Informer has just began paying attention to Herbert Mensah and in the coming days and weeks, Herbert Mensah will be stripped completely naked and he will have to tell us whether he is really an NDC member or he is only pretending to be one and supporting the Founder and his wife to destroy their image in the eyes of right-thinking Ghanaians.
And Herbert will also have to explain to the NDC of his underground dealings with certain media personnel and media houses in 2000, why in 2000, in destroying the reputation of President Rawlings and the NDC only to pave way for the NPP to spend 8 years destroying Ghana.