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Politics of Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Source: CPP National Youth Organiser

Government Must Stop The Blame Game -CPP

The nationwide strike embarked upon by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) is unfortunate and highly avoidable. The situation can be squarely laid at the door steps of Government and its agents for their unguided utterances and the use of vitriolic languages in response to the strike; a phenomenon which is still on-going. The government must be reminded of its duty to serve the people of Ghana, especially the masses and stop solving the crisis in the media.

It is becoming obvious that, Professor Mills and the NDC did not prepare adequately to address the enormous pressure in government and have therefore resorted to the blame game and also using their agents in the media to attack and accuse people who are critical to our national development agenda. This behavior of shifting blame is synonymous to the conduct of the erstwhile NPP administration and has even worsened. Where is the change they promised Ghanaians? The President’s accusation of the Kufour administration for living no money for the Single Spine Salary Structure before exiting government is laughable and the little said about that the better.

We want President Mills and his administration to know that, the reward of this strike is not on himself and his ministers but the teething masses of Ghanaians, who cannot even afford three square meals a day. These are the people who are most affected by the strike of doctors or any other professionals. Legal issues raised by the government officials at this crucial moment is also unfortunate and a clear evidence of government’s unwillingness to solve the current impasse. We are calling on government to show leadership by taking pragmatic steps immediately to solve the problems head on and not offer piece-meal solutions.

The accusation of doctors on the oath taken before practicing medicine at this juncture is most unfair, especially when they are on strike. After all, the doctors’ strike can be justified when their colleagues in the service or juniors in school who have been elevated to the position of Ministers or even lesser positions in government and are building mansions and spreading money around in the name of contesting elections. It is shameful that, these Ministers, who were sometimes friends of the labour community, have turned their back against labour activism and resorted to legalities and accusations. If these government officials are entitled to all the benefit of luxury cars, houses, per diem, et al, then what lives are the doctors suppose to live? We are appealing to government not to fall into the trap of pointing accusing figures and blame games. They should rather concentrate on solving the problems by engaging the players in negotiations and not resorting to the court of public opinion.

Finally, although our call is for government to migrate the Doctors unto the Single Spine Salary Structure, we are also appealing to doctors to return to work in order to save lives especially the future of this country; our younger siblings and our children. In as much as we appreciate the key role of doctors, we must also acknowledge that a lot of people are dying at our hospitals because doctors are on strike. Life lost cannot be retrieved. The future of this country cannot be sacrificed on the altar of some incompetent ministers or government officials.

25th October, 2011