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Politics of Friday, 3 August 2018


Distance yourself from fake MPs endorsement – Concerned NDC MPs to Mahama

Some lawmakers calling themselves Concerned NDC MPs have sent a note to former President John Dramani Mahama, informing him to distance himself from the alleged endorsement of his candidature by some 94 MPs from the Minority Caucus if he has the unity of the party at heart.

To the concerned NDC MPs, the alleged endorsement by the 94 MPs is fake and wants the general public to treat it as such.

They also want the former Ghanaian Leader to immediately distance himself from the said endorsement if he is not the one who engineered it since at no material time has the NDC got 94 out of its 106 Members in the House to transact Government Business.

To them, since the commencement of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republican dispensation, their singular focus as NDC Minority MPs has been on two key areas;

(i) “to keep the Nana Addo-led NPP Government on its toes and ensure they live up to their gargantuan promises to the good people of Ghana”, and

(ii) “in the wake of our unprecedented exit from power in the 2016 elections, to join in the current efforts of our Great NDC Party to regroup, to mend fences and to heal the wounded spirits of the Party’s rank and file towards our ultimate unification and victory in 2020”.

Therefore, they find it extremely difficult to believe why some of them will betray their stance when in principle that is not what exactly they are for.

“It is in view of the above, that many of us, the NDC Minority MPs in Parliament were given a rude jolt when the above headline first appeared in a tabloid and made the usual rounds on social media.

A few of us have rightly and justifiably debunked this obviously engineered mass endorsement of President John Mahama as an unconfirmed flagbearer hopeful. Many more of the so-called group of “94 or more” are boiling with anger in silence”, a note circulating among the rank and file of the NDC which has been intercepted by in part read.

According to the group who failed to disclose their identity, much as they see individual’s endorsement of Mr. Mahama as normal, it will be wrong on their part to use the party’s structures in Parliament to collectively endorse a particular candidate.

“Some of us believe that at this time of our bumpy and testy healing process there is no quicker way to cause its implosion from within than to cause a needless stir by engineering a fake report amongst the representatives of the very same hundreds of thousands of our hard working men and women and young people who are still smarting from our unprecedented defeat by the NPP in the 2016 Elections”.

“Fakery and scams are the order of the day for many desperate individuals who are trying to survive the hardships unleashed by a clueless NPP regime – Fake medics, fake pastors, fake spiritualists, fake beggars, fake micro-finance operators, fake news … barefaced fakery is consuming our country like a wildfire. Please for goodness sake, let us desist from the unproductive temptation of stoking the fires with fake politicking among our hard working NDC legislators in Parliament. The canker now known as Integrity Deficiency Syndrome (IDS) on the part of some of our party leadership is among some of the key reasons why we lost power so very badly. The Prof. Kwesi Botchwey Report is unequivocal about the need for us as a party to drill down to the recommended action plans contained in the report, in order to save our party. Peddling false news and driving unhealthy wedges within the ranks of NDC Parliamentarians is certainly not one of the recommendations on the rebuilding process”, the report in part further read.

It added “So if you are a discerning MP, or a contending flagbearer hopeful who truly cares for the NDC party’s long term electoral success, what would be done? Knowing that at no time in Parliament would one see 94 or more Minority MPs seated and conducting business, one would shrug off this piece of badly engineered propaganda for all it’s worth. Because fakery is not sustainable. Sooner than later, it bubbles up for all to see it as it is – Fakery. A word to the wise …”.