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Politics of Thursday, 31 August 2006

Source: The Enquirer

DFP popularity is a propaganda- Bagbin

Minority leader in Parliament, Alban Bagbin has acknowledged that the frequent reports of defections from the NDC to the Democratic Freedom Party, is all an empty propaganda being promoted by the ruling government and leading members of the DFP.

He said information available to his party shows that all the news stories in the media are staged managed and meant to create panic within the rank and file of the NDC.

Mr Bagbin said that the NDC is poised for victory in the crucial 2008 Presidential elections.

He, however, admitted that the NDC has lost some followers but not the kind that can prevent the party from regaining political power in the next polls.

“It is true that Obed has sent some of our men away, and that is normal, even me if I go out to form a political party, I would surely have people following me, from civil society and all works of life, but that doesn’t mean I can make an impact”, he said.

“We now have a lot of people crossing over to our side, it is important that we repackage ourselves and send the message to the people of Ghana, and tell them we are the best alternative, and that we are the choice for 2008”, he added.

He further stated that the NDC is more united now than ever, adding that the party no longer has factions.

He maintained that since the departure of the former chairman from the NDC, party meetings have been very fruitful, especially at the level of the Fundamental Executive Committee and National Executive Committee levels.

On the question of the place of the founder in the new NDC, he said, “Like all parties, you always need somebody you can refer to at the beginning, and from time to time he plays a fatherly role, we have been consulting him, and he has been a tremendous support to all of us, the NPP talk about Busia, the Nkrumaist talk about Nkrumah”.