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Politics of Thursday, 29 June 2006

Source: GNA

DFP plays chess game with NDC colours

Accra, June 29, GNA 96 The yet to registered Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on Thursday showed its official colours and symbol to the media.

The colours are red, white, violet and green stripes and a white star as its symbol.

The colours are akin to that of the National Democratic Congress' (NDC's) red, white, black and green.

The DFP has 'Service in Freedom' as its motto which is also similar to 'Development in Freedom' of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

At a press conference, where some leading members of the Party refused to answer questions they considered unsavoury, Mr Abraham Kofi Asante, former NDC Member of Parliament for Amenfi West, said: "We never considered the NDC in the picking of our colours.

"In any case no political party or individual has monopoly over colours even in the West African Sub-region Ghana, Togo, Guinea, Senegal and other countries share the same colours the only difference is their arrangement.'

He explained; "to the DFP, the white star represents hope of Ghanaians to make progress and achieve meaningful development; red stands for the sacrifices our forefathers made in order to achieve development for our generation and that of the future. It also represents passion for our nation, Ghana.

"The white represents peace and victory...we stand for peace and victory as our goal, the violet represents spirituality - we believe that in addition to whatever development we might achieve as a nation, we also need some spiritual development to make our development meaningful.

"The green stands for the wealth of the nation; our agriculture, the forest and environment and our motto are Service in Freedom." Mr Asante also debunked media allegations that DFP had started distributing mobile phones and other monetary inducement aimed at enticing the people.

"This is false; what we have done was to register the concerns of the people, initiate moves to assist in solving their problems. "Any politician or political party that goes to a community and failed to register the concern of the people, that party is not worth following," stressing the allegations were mere propaganda. =93We can simply not be intimidated", he said.

The Party has electoral rules, a party's constitution, and goes with the philosophy of Left Centre Social Democrats. It has its headquarters at North Kaneshie.

Mr Asante said all the details have been submitted to the Electoral Commission and, "we are mobilizing as we wait". 29 June 06