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Politics of Friday, 22 April 2016

Source: Atinka Online

Corruption under Mahama unbearable – Truth Forum

Pressure group, Truth Forum claims that corruption under President Mahama is so unbearable that , it is threatening the very existence of the country .

The group, which addressed the press in Accra Thursday therefore challenged the president to talk about the canker while on his Accounting To The People Tour

“Mr. President as you continue with your Accounting credits, please add the canker of corruption that is threatening the very existence of our Country. Whether it’s GYEEDA, SUBAH, SADA or SMARTYS: the create, loot and share under this government is simply unbearable. GYEEDA has cost the nation 952 million cedis, SADA 200 million, SUBAH 75 million. Over 657 million has been paid out in dubious judgment debts. The millions of dollars wasted in these grand schemes of corruption could have being offered as tax reliefs to businesses so they can create jobs for the people,” the group said.

Anthony Karbo, a leading member of the group further asked, “Mr. President, how do you feel when you meet the GHC3.6 million SMARTY’s branded buses on the streets”.
The group also rejected claims by the president that economy is one of the best in the world due to the prudent economic measures put in place by the economic management team.

“The Truth Forum is not sure whether our President was referring to Ghana because the evidence on the ground does not support his claim. The country’s economy is growing at some meager 3-4% by the close of 2016, inflation is hovering around 19.2%, the highest since 2000, Manufacturing is growing at negative 2%, Agriculture is growing at 0.04%, Interest rate stands at about 36% and the country’s debt stock stands at some 73.5% . IS THIS A ROBUST ECONOMY, MR. PRESIDENT?,” the group asked.

According to the group, Ghana is facing a major structural deficit, where its expenditure is way above revenues, adding “Ghana’s tax revenue amount to 90 billion cedis, capital expenditure 5 billion, arrears and interest 4 billion, which means government has no savings!”

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