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Politics of Friday, 16 June 2017


‘Corrupt’ NDC appointees bribing journalists to conceal their acts - Lawyer

Corrupt appointees under erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) government are paying bribes to some journalists in the country to twist publications to conceal alleged shady deals under their tenure and make it look like the current government is witch-hunting them.

“They are reportedly paying monies to some journalists to twist publication that they are being witch-hunted by this new government” private legal practitioner, Kwame Adofo has alleged.

“Instead of us as citizens uniting to chase the person to get our monies, they go behind to pay people to call into radio stations to tell them they are witch-hunting the person” the lawyer alleged on Kumasi-based Ultimate FM.

“People crying witch-hunting are all massages somebody has paid them to be ringing into radio stations and to chant but in doing that you are doing a great disservice to the country”

“You do not live as a citizen just for your own sake but you live as a citizen who is going to be judged based on legacy you are going to leave for your children and grandchildren to come” he pointed out during a panel discussion on the station.

“Look at what is happening. We are in a county which has laws but certain people are refusing to implement those laws. The roads are not done; the schools do not get built”

According to him, people in authority are fraudulently stopping the laws from operating citing a court ruling to retrieve illegal monies paid into wrong hands but individuals responsible have failed to act on such rulings.

Lawyer Kwame Adofo however lauded civil society group OccupyGhana for their latest victory from a High Court asking individuals to emulate them.