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Politics of Monday, 8 September 2014

Source: Prince Agyei Nyarko

Coalition for Power 2016

‘I was voted by popular majority in the party so if I want to do my thing, who can stop me by saying what am doing is not right. I am the chairman of the region and any person I think is doing something wrong I can penalize them because I have the mandate…I have the right to discipline any officer who goes against my wish”—Daniel Bugri Naabu
This was a portion of an interview granted by Daniel Bugri Naabu, the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP to Citi Eye Witness news on the 5th of September 2014. Mr. Bugri Naabu is not only noted for the above quoted comment, he has several of these undemocratic, divisive and uncouth statements to his credit ever since the race of the flagbearership was announced in the NPP.
We would like to urge the national disciplinary committee to with immediate effect sanction Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu per the party’s constitution. It is inappropriate for a stalwart like Bugri Naabu to be blinded by power and spew out such unprintable words against party faithful’s who have exercised their constitutional right.
If Daniel Bugri Naabu were left unpunished, it would be a miscarriage of the disciplinary procedures in our party and also by extension, undermine the powers of the national executives. How would it have looked if the National Chairman or the General Secretary had said these things, the party head quarters would have been thronged with thugs. Again, we would implore and advise the council of elders to use their influence and power to call on people like Bugri Naabu and others who have resorted to violence, intimidation and misguided utterances to order.
Also, our attention has been brought to a rejoinder issued supposedly from the office of Bugri Naabu purporting to apologize for the comments he made, and describing it as a joke. It beats every imagination of commonsense for that apology to be taken seriously, and the issue swept under the carpet. A whole regional chairman would joke on a national platform by threatening his own people?
We believe it was deliberate, orchestrated and must never go unpunished. The discipline and cohesion within the party must not compromise for any individual, whether big or small.
That notwithstanding, we would also implore Nana Akufo Addo to as a matter of urgency condemn and issue a disclaimer in that regard. Daniel Bugri Naabu is the leader of Nana Akufo Addo’s campaign in the northern region and the undemocratic revelations he made, demands a disclaimer and an outright condemnation from Nana’s quarters if indeed he wants to be president of this country.
The disparaging revelations made by Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu indict and smears the candidature of Nana Akufo Addo. This revelation came from no mean a personality than Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu and also on a national platform to the hearing of the good people of this country.
This party is where it is as a result of a collective party building since its inception. The party is no one’s property and we will not sit for unscrupulous, selfish and parochial individuals to mar the beauty of the democracy we have enjoyed in our party over the years.
The rules for the flag bearer ship contest has been spelt out explicitly in the constitution of the party, and we would like to advise strongly that no magnitude or amount of ‘’bigmanship” should be allowed to tamper the process.
We are by this statement cautioning all party bigwigs to desist from acts that undermine the integrity of the party and makes mockery of the democratic path we have chosen as a party. We wonder how National Council Members will flout their own guidelines they adopted. Has the party gotten to this stage? Let us all respect the constitutional of the party.
Finally, we would like to be place on record that, we the youth in the NPP will never forgive the fomenters of trouble in our party, if we should lose the 2016 elections.
Let us collectively support our National officers and respect the guidelines of our party.

Coalition for Power 2016
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