Politics of Thursday, 22 November 2012

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Building a Better Okaikoi North


Motto: Unity, Stability and Development.

The Lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even my enemies and my foes came upon me to eat my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident. (Psalm 27:1-3)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the media for honouring my invitation to this press conference today even though the notification has indeed been very short. And to my supporters and well wishers who have been with me thought these years and struggles, I say God bless you all.

I, Andrew Nii Okaikoi, have been in the news for so many varied reasons since 2010 when I decided to present myself to the electorates of Okaikoi North as the true face behind the contemporary wind of leadership change that the Constituents have been yearning and craving for all these years. A paradigm shift geared towards creating a better Okaikoi North Constituency for the electorates.
This journey has been a storm where in one moment one basks in sunlight and is shattered on rocks the next. The quest for this journey was not borne out of acrimony or malice, greed or avarice, spite or hate, vengeance or vendetta, and neither selfishness nor parochialism. It was a journey where we collectively sought to right the wrongs in our constituency by surmounting the social, economical, educational and developmental challenges that have bedevilled us as electorates of Okaikoi North Constituency. A journey which saw many people walk in and out of my life but suffice to say that footprints of true ones have been engraved in my heart.
It is gratifying to note the show of unflinching love and massive supports for me, the selfless sacrifices made for me, the patience, respect and tolerance accorded me and most importantly the show of gallantry by people who were ready and willing to risk everything including their lives to ensure that the truth stands tall.
It is with a heavy and saddened heart that I address you today Ladies and Gentlemen. This is not because I am a bitter person or bear grudge against
PRESS STATEMENT November 20th, 2012
For Further Information On This Press Statement, Please Contact Edwin Mawuli Afeti On 0246-878541
anybody. No, not at all. Indeed, when I lifted my eyes unto the hills my help came from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. Exactly about a month ago I held a press conference where I made it obvious that I was heeding a clarion call upon the inundated request of thousands of my supporters to go independent.
At this juncture, I want to unreservedly commend and salute all my heroic satellite campaign teams from the different political persuasions across the length and breadth of Okaikoi North. The various groups from Niiboiman, Akweteman, Achimota, Alogboshie, Abofu, Anumle, Achimota College, Christian Village and Kissaman. To those who were verbally abused, castigated, attacked and threatened for my sake I say “me da ase (twi), mi da ny? shi babaoo (ga), akpe na mi loo (ewe), naagoode (hausa). Thank you because on so many occasions you could have returned with equal measures the aspersions, invectives, and innuendos spewed and slurred on you and your loved ones but you always showed maturity not cowardice. I, Ghanaians and the world salute you.
Dr Afari Gyan, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Ghana has served a notice of polls in which I, your Humble Servant Andrew Nii Okaikoi has been dully nominated to contest the parliamentary elections in the Okaikoi North Constituency as an Independent Candidate. Let us do some logical reasoning, if truly, legally, really, legitimately, honestly or whatever ly I, Andrew Nii Okaikoi didn’t fall within the jurisdiction of the Okaikoi North Constituency, how on earth would I have been able to file and subsequently be nominated by the EC to contest the parliamentary elections? The case of the NDP and the New Vision Party shows that the EC operates within a set of regulations or framework to which I successfully satisfied all these electoral conditions. As for what actually culminated in my going independent, hmmmmn! I leave its merit and demerits to posterity. I rest my case.
My supporters are perturbed and wondering why I’m stepping down at this time when imminent and inevitable victory is glaringly staring at me? It is an undeniable fact that I will win the elections if I work hard and several opinion polls and researches pertaining to Okaikoi North Constituency clearly attest to this fact. Yes my loyalists, it is difficult for you I know, but I do it for love. Love for God, for Okaikoi North, for you my sympathisers, but most importantly for the ideals and principles of the NDC party that we dearly cherish. God knows our future with absolute certainty and He sees it with perfect clarity, He wouldn’t
PRESS STATEMENT November 20th, 2012
For Further Information On This Press Statement, Please Contact Edwin Mawuli Afeti On 0246-878541
bring us this far just to abandon us. Great victories come along with great sacrifices and this is one for the NDC in this year’s election.
All throughout the campaign I crossed paths with people from all walks of life notably among them are the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and the People Living with AIDS (PLAs). The days of stigmatisations are over, please don’t let anything deter you from aspiring to any high office in the land because in my case I succeeded and have paved the way for us all. I did the best I could with the little I had. Success is in the doing not the getting, in the trying and not necessarily the triumph. By the grace of God I will more than ever articulate your views just as I promised you on my campaign trail from wherever the Lord takes me. Just beware of people who can’t do anything without money and those who want to do everything with money.
I also want to send a passionate supplication to my comrades and their followers who are contesting the this year’s parliamentary elections as independent candidates to reconsider their decisions in the supreme interest of our party and not some selected few individuals who have been unguarded in their actions and utterances. Let us channel all the energies, sacrifices and relentless campaigns at our disposal to ensure the great NDC and President John Mahama and get the deservedly one touch victory that we daily espoused on our house to house campaigns.
Finally, to everyone on whose toes I may have inadvertently stepped on in these past few years in this political journey, no matter how swollen those toes may be please find places in your heart to forgive me. To err is human but to forgive is divine. Let us all forge ahead in peace, unity and justice towards a common goal so we can all help in creating a better Ghana for generations yet unborn.
Thank you.
Andrew Nii Okaikoi, Esq