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Politics of Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Source: The Catalyst

Asiedu Nketia Crushes NPP Agenda Against NDC Gurus

The General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, aka General Mosquito, has proven to the opposition New Patriotic (NPP) that he has the experience to, not only detect but crush their malicious moves, as he seems to always be one-step ahead of them when it comes to their dirty tricks.
After studying and satisfying himself on the dubiousness of the grand agenda of the NPP propaganda machine to tarnish his image and those of his colleagues in the leadership of the NDC by portraying them as a corrupt bunch of property grabbing politicians, General Mosquito decided to hold the bull by the horns in engaging his accusers in a fierce battle to cleanse his image, which is gradually crushing the schemes of the opposition party.
The recent legal victory chalked by the NDC Chief Scribe over a pro-NPP newspaper, Daily Guide, in a defamation suit attests to this fact.
The agenda of the NPP is to falsely put properties in the name of NDC leading members, including ministers of state and other appointees of the Mahama-led government and use some of their newspapers, notably Daily Guide, in publishing such malicious stories in a bid to create the erroneous impression on the unsuspecting public that these are properties greedily acquired by the government officials and operatives. These stories would then be used as references or evidence of corruption by NPP communicators against the NDC government.
In furtherance of this grand scheme, owners of the buildings or properties in question would be enticed to go underground when the search for the ownership of the properties comes up. Since there could be no identifiable owners, it would be concluded that the allegations are true.
The rhetoric is that, if the building had another owner, he would own up and in the apparent absence of that the accused NDC member is portrayed as the bona fide owner and thus crucified by the NPP propaganda machine, which would make him look like a common thief who is milking the nation dry in grabbing properties for himself.
General Mosquito happened to be one of the main targets of this evil political agenda of the desperate opposition party because he is seen as an outspoken critic and silencer of the NPP whenever they (NPP) came up with mischief against the government.
Among such deliberate and malicious rumours started by the NPP propaganda machine, are claims that he owned some 250 tipper trucks in the Central region, market stalls at Madina Market in Accra, a fuel filling station, Grace Oil, near Ohene Djan’s residence in Sunyani and also a plush mansion in Kumasi, which culminated in Daily Guide’s defamatory publication and subsequent law suit against the paper by him.
In crushing this wicked agenda against him and other NDC functionaries, Hon. Asiedu Nketia has devised various clever methods to confront the hydra-headed monster.
Regarding the claim that he owned a filling station in Sunyani, the General Secretary quickly made an announcement authorizing all motorists to go for free fuel at the said fuel station in his name, since the true owner had remained silent. This resulted in a fierce confrontation between workers at the said filling station and some drivers who went there demanding to be served free. Unable to contain the situation, the real owner of the property popped up and debunked the NPP propaganda by a radio announcement.
On the claim that he owned 250 tipper trucks, the owner of the vehicles only owned up when the NDC General Secretary declared his intention to have the vehicles auctioned in his name.
The next was the case that has come to be known as the ‘Kwasia Bi Nti’ suit in which General Mosquito sued the Daily Guide over a publication alleging that he owned a house in Kumasi as a result of his association with government to amass wealth and had used part of the ill-gotten wealth to build the said house.
When the case started in court, he had a tough time getting the owner to testify and sources had it that the owner was deliberately kept in hiding to implicate Hon Asiedu Nketia. Strangely enough, a search at the Kumasi Metropolitan Authority (KMA) revealed no record on the building.
He quickly got a demolition notice placed on the building from the Kumasi Metropolitan Authority (KMA), informing the general public of his intention to demolish the house since it was named after him. Hardly had he placed the notice on the building than the real owner appeared in the office of the KMA boss, and later in court with the tittle deeds.
The NDC Chief Scribe has since issued a stern warning to the NPP and the general public that he would demolish any building he is alleged to have acquired.
He won a GHC250, 000.00 suits against the Daily Guide over their false allegations that he had acquired a house in Kumasi. He vowed to collect the money and build a house with the inscription ‘Kasia bi nti’ (because of a fool) on it.
The General Mosquito strategy, working to expose NPP lies to perfection, other NDC colleagues of his, The Catalyst can reveal, are poised to emulate his example in clearing their names from what some described as “NPP’s malicious propaganda” against them.