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Politics of Friday, 27 November 2015


Arthur K to Esseku: 'My NPP membership self-evident'

Former presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Arthur Kobina Kennedy, has said he is disappointed with the party’s former national Chairman, Harona Esseku, for joining some members in disowning him.

Harona Esseku, earlier this week, told Ekow Mensah-Shalders, host of Class91.3fm’s Executive Breakfast Show that Dr Kennedy is not a member of the party.

In an article, however, Mr Kennedy said his standing in the NPP is “self-evident”.

“I was in good standing when we were in opposition before the 2000 election. I was in good standing while we were in government. Indeed, in 2007, I was vetted and found fit to contest the presidency of Ghana on the NPP’s ticket,” he wrote.

“I have been in good standing since we returned to opposition. I have known and worked with every one of our presidential candidates starting with Victor Owusu, as well as every General Secretary, beginning with Agyenim Boateng. I have worked with activists ranging from Azorka through the Idris brothers to Alhaji Gibrine,” he added.

“Throughout all these phases,” Dr Kennedy added: “I have poured my blood, my sweat and my treasure into the NPP. My money and ideas were welcome whether I was in Accra or Milwaukee or Asebu. My membership card, like all others, has no expiration date. The NPP has never believed that a person’s contribution to party or country should be limited by where he lives. That is why we championed ROPAL.

“It is, of course, obvious that if I was celebrating ‘all-die-be-die’ the removal of Afoko and Agyapong, the insults of Kufuor and others, the opening of secret bank accounts, and other assaults on our constitution and traditions, no one would be questioning my membership. And that is a shame.

“I am disappointed that Mr Esseku would add his name to this charade. He is a better man than the person portrayed by his involvement in this farce,” he wrote.

Mr. Kennedy urged Mr Esseku and other elders to return to being true elders and to help unite the party for victory in 2016.

“They should stop being Nana Addo’s men and be once again, NPP men,” he added.