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Politics of Sunday, 22 June 2014

Source: GAKE

Akufo-Addo is too "Weak" to Lead the NPP

Akufo-Addo is too "Weak" to Lead the NPP and Ghana - GAKE

It is surprising to the new pressure group, Get Alan Kyerematen Elected (GAKE) that, many members and sympathisers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) continue to overlook the weaknesses of Nana Akufo-Addo as the party's Presidential Candidate. This ignorance, to a very large extent, has cost the party two electoral victories but regrettably, it appears no useful lesson has been learnt from it. For GAKE, the assumption that Akufo-Addo is courageous, unifier, disciplinarian, fair and firm is quiet suspect, judging by his record in national elections.

GAKE notes that, apart from Nana Addo's physical weakness in terms of his current age which the NDC will use against him, Nana Addo's inability to unite people for a common good poses a big challenge to him to win any national elections. If a cursory look is taken at Election 2008, Nana was short of just 23,000 popular votes to become Ghana's president. Yet, he failed to woo other smaller parties and independent candidates to his side during the run-off, something Candidate J.A. Kufuor capitalized on to beat a sitting Vice President, John Mills in Election 2000. Dr . Hilla Liman and Prof. Mills also did same in 1979 and 2008 respectively.

GAKE also believes that Nana Addo's actions and inactions have gradually 'disintegrated' the NPP. As the adage goes ; "Opanin ntena fie ma asenua mfo", which literary means, the Elderly must not sit unconcerned whilst the stool gets wet. In the Kufuor era, hardly did any Ghanaian, and for that matter, Kukrudite hear the issue of factionalism within the NPP. But today, factionalism has become the order of the day in the party. Nana Addo's back-room staff are full of vindictiveness and seem to have personal scores to settle with others. Those surrounding Nana Addo see Mr. Alan Kyerematen as a threat to his presidential ambition. For instance, at the NPP rally at Mantse Agbonaa in Accra prior to Election 2012, Alan was professionally and deliberately denied the opportunity to speak on the platform by the MC for the occasion, Lord Commey, who happens to be a close associate of Nana. Until recently, it was a common knowledge that Alan's supporters were almost hounded from their own party, forgetting that, the affable man, and next flag-bearer, Alan Cash has a huge stake in the NPP.

GAKE is of the view that, Nana Addo and his advisors have not imbibed with them, the spirit of reconciliation as exemplified by former president Kufuor. As known to all, Kufuor, apart from reconciling all Ghanaians under the umbrella of National Reconciliation, brought all NPP members together. For instance, right after the Sunyani NPP Congress in 1998, Kufuor worked in harmony with Nana Addo and his Campaign Manager, Mr. Kwabena Agyapong by making the two a Cabinet Minister and Spokesperson respectively. He extended his gesture to Nduom (CPP) Mallam Issah (PNC), P.V. Obeng (NDC), and Prof. Hagan (CPP) etc. What then prevented Nana Addo from doing same by assigning specific roles to Hon. Alan Kyerematen, Hon. Isaac Osei, and Prof. Frimpong-Boateng in the 2012 elections?

For GAKE, Nana Addo has given too much room to his supporters to operate and this continues to work against him. For example, the attitude and posture of the immediate past NPP National Executives left much to be desired. The open declaration by Sir John and Jake with regard to Nana Addo's third term bid right after the Supreme Court verdict was a non-starter. "Presenting Nana Addo even in a wheel chair for Election 2016, forcing Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia on the NPP", and the NPP-UK Branch's "No Nana, No Vote" were all provocative. These statements, actions, and stance were all contrary to the NPP Constitution, but Nana Addo could not have the courage to condemn such actions because they favoured him. A couple of months ago, Nana Addo's Special Aide, Mustapha Hamid spoke ill about Alan Cash, but as usual, Nana failed to crack the whip. Who knows if Nana Addo is the architect of the actions of the afore-mentioned people?

GAKE believes that the silence of Nana Addo on such matters gives credence to the fact that, he, Nana Addo could be likened to the late Prof. Mills' in terms of leadership styles. Mills looked unconcerned when the 'babies with sharp teeth' sent everybody to the cleaners. Besides, there have been several complaints about Nana Addo's close associates, especially the "Akyem Mafias", but this complaints have also been overlooked. GAKE sees that the way and manner some of these guys and communicators carry themselves, no doubt, puts many potential voters off. The Asante Bediatuo's, Gabby Darko's, Atta Akyea's etc wrongly assume that the NPP is theirs because Dr. J. B. Danquah was the architect of the formation of the UP Tradition. GAKE would like to draw the attention of Ghanaians to the way and manner in which the Danquah-Dombo-Busia Institute metamorphosed into only Danquah Institute.

Another major weakness GAKE finds about Nana Addo is how his admirers portray him. On countless occasions, Nana Addo has been portrayed by these people as the 'president' of the country. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for even NPP sympathisers to give Nana Addo a common handshake, let alone talk to him. He is always shielded by his security apparatus as if he is Obama entering Osama Bin Laden's territory. Hardly do these guys give Nana Addo a free role to interact with the 'common people'. He arrives at the airport and NPP members troop there as if he is the president of the Republic. The perception out there is that, Nana Addo wants to become president at all cost and follow the footsteps of his late father. GAKE is of the view that, if indeed perception counts in partisan politics, then it is up to the NPP delegates to do the right thing in December this year. How do you win the presidency on the ticket of NPP, when Nana Addo has failed to condemn his own people who spoke ill about the occupant of the Golden Stool? How could you also create a camp against former president Kufuor, the man Nana Addo himself confessed to have given him about $60m for his two campaigns?

In fact, GAKE finds it quiet absurd with the way Nana Addo is projected by his admirers. He is currently seen as the epitome of holiness, which is tantamount to being a saint or angel. These Nana Addo die-hards easily forget their man is a mortal soul and thus, makes mistakes as a fallible being. Anyone who criticizes Nana Addo constructively becomes an instant enemy. You are either beaten, insulted, suspended, threatened, tagged as Alan Boy or an NDC mole. Such people even see Nana Addo's two political statements; "All die be die" and "Y3n Akanfo" as good. But, what positive impact did they make as far as Election 2012 was concerned? How many NPP sympathisers were aware that these two statements together with Hon. Ken Agyapong's take on Ewes and Gas were written boldly on the doors of all Voltarians?

GAKE wants to assure the public, especially all NPP members that, it will continue to do a dispassionate analysis of the facts available to make the delegates choose the right flag-bearer. Nana Akufo-Addo appears to be a weak candidate for the NPP in Election 2016, because of probably his physique, personality, and posture. His electoral fortunes are also dwindling from three (3) regions to a struggling two (2) regions. In 2008, he lost by 40,000 votes, but this deficit increased to 323,663 votes, not forgetting that he would be competing with the same NDC Candidate who beat him earlier. The NPP therefore needs a stronger candidate, whose personality and posture can match that of Prez Mahama, because it looks like our 'illiterate voter' population value these qualities more than a party's economic record - free maternal care, 'Woyomism' etc. GAKE strongly believes Alan Kyerematen suitably fills the gap, and just as Nana Addo was given two clear chances without any positive results, it is equally justifiable to give John Alan Kyerematen (JAK the second), the opportunity to hold the party's flag for Election 2016. If you have a Candidate who is liked by even NDC members, it speaks volumes of his ability to unite this country for progress. Think Alan! Think Power!!

GAKE, one more change for power!

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang (National Coordinator - 0202471070/0547851100/0264931361)