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Politics of Monday, 13 August 2012

Source: XYZ

After Mills' death, he "who throws the first bad stone will suffer" - Amakye

Political Scientist Kwesi Amakye says the death of President Mills has reconfigured the political terrain; a situation that means all the political parties would have to change their style of campaigning to suit the current political atmosphere.

He believes Ghanaians have come to accept the aspirations of the late President that clean politicking in Ghana is possible.

The late President Mills consistently espoused a peaceful coexistence between the various parties.

He was subsequently nicknamed 'Asomdwee Hene' to reflect his deep desire to maintain a sense of tranquility in the political space.

“Following the death of President Mills, the outpouring of positive sentiments, then in a way, Ghanaians have come to terms with his desires,” he said.

Mr. Amakye warned that any political party that engages in vindictive politics in the coming days will pay dearly for it in the December polls.

Mr. Amakye stated that “we saw the unity around his death, burial and all other things. So to me, the political terrain has been [reconfigured]. It means that whoever throws the first bad stone, will suffer.” **