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Politics of Sunday, 25 August 2013

Source: AFAG

AFAG Statement: Ghana must win: Peace forever

The Alliance for Accountable Governance per this release wish to convey to Ghanaians home and abroad, our unwavering commitment not only to a stable and peaceful Ghana for now, but a lasting and genuine peace that ensures individual civil liberties forever.

It is AFAG’s belief that, this country chose a democratic dispensation not in default but with a resolve that, it is the only path that can let the Ghanaian see development and meet true peace in freedom. Peace is therefore an enviable product of democracy that must be endured through mutual tolerance. There will always be conflicting interests and quarrels amongst groups just as it subsists in homes and families. However for the sake of peace, various communities and societies in the country have succeeded in moving on by embracing all forms of alternate conflict resolution measures. It is with such spirited determination that the petitioners chose the process of maintaining peace and order by submitting their dispute to the court for a just and peaceful settlement.

AFAG believes in, and remain resolute behind the petitioner’s position after the December 7th elections and their best reasons of seeking justice in court. We are humbled by this noble step and hope the international community and peace agencies will be interested in rewarding such great men who substitute violence for peace in resolving electoral differences on this continent.

Fellow Ghanaians, we must also congratulate the courts for their determination to resolve this case by doing the right as they see it. Country men, our individual opinion on this case after the judgment does not matter, after all, the constitution gives the authority to the Supreme Court ONLY, whether wrong or right to determine for Ghanaians our faith, should an electoral dispute arise. AFAG, thus believe that, the constitutional rights of the Supreme Court override all other interests and personalities on this land. Today’s generations of Ghanaian are living their lives and it is our God given responsibility to allow the many children of today and generations unborn to live it also.

Country men, we must applaud ourselves for keeping calm and firm during all these trying times and besides, congratulate the petitioners and defendants for their sobering utterances and will to abide by the ruling of the court. For those who wage war, let us name and shame them heavily by their intemperate outbursts after the ruling, or possibly, send the war to their individual homes. In the matter of naming and shaming, AFAG urges all citizens to report any unusual observations and or plots to the nearest security post. We all have a duty in protecting our peace.

AFAG is confident that, the security agencies have the resources and capacity to contain, protect and abort any action by fringe anarchists who may take the law into their own hands.

AFAG urges the media to be circumspect in their reportage. They should avoid sensationalism and inflammations which has the propensity to raise the political tension. AFAG has never doubted the professionalism of the Ghanaian media and we know they will stand up to the billing.

We however, commend the political parties for their peace campaigns and assurances of peace. We will hold them accountable to their words.

Fellow Ghanaians, we must be ready to fight and move towards the irresistible and enviable peace we enjoy, and forever live it.

Ghana must win and peace prevails forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May Allah bless us All.


Dr Nana Afriye

Arnold Boateng

Abu Ramadan

Haruna Asante

Davies Opoku Ansah

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