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Politics of Thursday, 12 July 2018


97% of delegates from Northern Region voted for Freddie Blay

The overwhelming support that gave Mr. Freddie W.A Blay the victory at the just ended 26th National Delegates Conference of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) held at Koforidua in the Eastern Region came from the Northern Region of Ghana.

Mr. Freddie Blay pulled 3021 votes out of the 6000 votes cast beating his main contender Mr. Stephen Ntim with 506 votes.

In a post-election analysis, have gathered that 97% of delegates from the Northern Region voted for Mr. Freddie Blay to win the elections.

About 520 delegates out of the 544 delegates from the Northern Region voted for Mr. Freddie Blay, representing 97.43%, according to our intelligence.

The Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions voted massively for Mr. Ntim with 78% and 75% respectively, whiles Central, Greater Accra, Eastern, Western, and Volta regions gave Mr. Blay a little over 75%.

The newly elected Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Freddie Blay got chunk of his votes from the three Northern Regions with overwhelming endorsement; Upper East 80%, Upper West 85% and the Northern Region 97%. (This statistics is based on our intelligence and collaborated sample interviews).

Prior to the elections, the Northern Regional Executives of the party led by the Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Baantima Adam Samba declares their support for Mr. Freddie Blay to win the elections.

Again, Chairman Samba mobilizes 10 constituencies’ in the region to declare their support for Mr. Blay at a meeting held at Nim Avenue, Tamale.

The Regional Executives of the party again tour with Mr. Blay to the rest of the constituencies in the region and campaign vigorously for Mr. Freddie Blay.

Again, the NPP Regional Chairman, Mr. Adam Samba took the lead role in organizing his colleagues Regional Chairmen from the Upper East and Upper West to declare their support to Mr. Freddie Blay at a press conference in Tamale.

At the press conference, Mr. Samba reiterated that, the future of the party depends on the victory of Mr. Freddie Blay and pledged to support his (Mr. Blay) campaign with all his strength.

Speaking to delegates mainly from the Northern Region even before voting begins at the congress grounds in Koforidua indicates the massive endorsement for Mr. Blay.

“Before we came here, we have already declared for Blay. We have a deal with Chairman Samba to ensure that Blay wins”. Said a delegate

“I will be surprise if Mr. Blay did not get hundred percent from the Northern Region. We are all voting for him to win”. A constituency Chairman hinted have gathered that, Mr. Samba even after the declaration was still working and talking to delegates at the congress ground to ensure a total victory for Mr. Blay.

A delegate after voting hinted that “if Blay wins it is because of Chairman Samba, none of us is voting any other person except him. The way we voted for Chairman Samba at the regional elections… it is the same thing we are doing here”.

According to him, since the declaration for Mr. Freddie Blay, the Northern Regional Chairman of the party has taken it upon himself to galvanize more support for Mr. Blay to win the National Chairmanship race of the party.

“Mr. Samba was always in touch with us as if he was the one contesting for the chairmanship to the extent that he spent a lot of money on behalf of Mr. Blay. One day I ask him (Chairman Samba), why he was spending so much money because of Mr. Blay and he said for the party. I was actual amaze about his response… so I’m not surprise the Northern Region gave Blay the victory”.

Asking whether the region will have voted for Mr. Ntim if Chairman Samba ask them to, “Of course, we will have voted for Mr. Ntim if Mr. Samba and the Executives of the party in the region thought it was wise. You see… we don’t call Mr. Samba, “Chairman do all” for nothing… he is a man of his words and a very powerful personality”.

Another constituency Vice Chairman in the Northern Region said, voting Mr. Blay to lead the party again in 2020 election is the right thing to do, “We couldn’t have voted for any other person apart from him. All those who contested with him were fine gentlemen but Mr. Blay was the obvious choice”.

Many political commentators that we spoke to after the NPP Koforidua Congress, all affirmed the dynamics of the massive endorsement from the North.

“I’m really shock with the level of endorsement from delegates in the North… I have never witness such a massive endorsement from the North, it has always been 50-60% for a particular candidate but Blay’s own is historic….. Even Mr. Paul Afoko couldn’t get such endorsement from the North in the last congress held in Tamale”. A political commentator hinted

Also many party faithful are however amaze with the level of political maturity and prowess of the Northern Regional Chairman of the party, Mr. Mohammed Baantima Adam Samba in galvanizing the whole three Northern Regions delegates of the party to give Mr. Freddie Blay that massive endorsement.

“I think if Chairman Samba continue this way the party will be more formidable in the region”. A youth organizer hinted

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