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Don't destroy the trees by the Sandema road

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2020-05-24 19:04:39
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Don't destroy the trees by the Sandema road

Knowing,the importance of trees,in civilised countries one has to replace more trees than destroy.In ghana either there's no order for one to replace trees destroy or is not enforced.The purpose of government is to make laws to sustain the socio-economic system,and growth.Time to shed the whites being hunters and blacks lions analogy and work to update certain cultures not at par with our 21century lifestyle.Transition from peasant farming to publicly traded companies in commercial farming.The companies will be profitable,which will encourage investors to own their stocks or bonds,as a result the neccessary capital can be raised through the bourse for the business to take off.Most individual farmers died with their farms,but if a company is established to produce rice the company will be in business as long as there's demand for rice.Further well established companies typically have good managers and set part of their profit aside for future expansions or become or diversifying into different business, this will be one sure way to ensure future entrants to the jobs market find jobs.similar consolidation must be done in the retail market,by introducing supermarkets and departmental stores,if the president is serious about ghana beyond aid.

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Re: Don't destroy the trees by the Sandema road
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