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Opinions of Saturday, 23 May 2020

Columnist: Samson Samari

Don't destroy the trees by the Sandema road

The beautiful trees that line the entrance to Sandema The beautiful trees that line the entrance to Sandema

It is very sad to note that the natural hedges along the Sandema road right after sandema Senior High/Technical school through the township of Sandema are to be cut in order to pave way for the construction of the road. It is very disappointing to note that, the only way of development in this country is to engage in cutting trees to put up buildings.

The contractor and those calling for the beautiful naturally arranged trees to be cut should answer the following questions.

1) When were the trees planted?
2) who planted those trees?
3) Are they going to cut the tress from both sides?
4) Why can't you let the road take the same shape as the trees?

5) Will the contractor replant trees to replace those that he is to cut and ensure that the trees survive before leaving the site?

The contractor should be made to answer the above questions and pen a mutual agreement before any decision should be taken.

The trees must be protected.

Is there any law that forces contractors to plant trees after cutting a tree?

Planting of trees should be included as a primary requirement for permits.
Every contractor or landowner should be made to plant at least a tree at any construction site, whether new or old project.

We can't afford to lose our trees. Have we forgotten the saying that, "when the last tree dies the last man dies."
Instead of us as a nation to be interested in the creation of parks and gardens all over the country we are rather destroying the existing ones gradually.

I will recommend that, the topic "our environment" which is in the basic school syllabus should be studied at all levels to trumpet the moral lessons of that topic all the time.

Religious leaders should also join the call to making Ghana regain its green environment, by preaching about the importance of tree planting during any of their line of duty.

The various assemblies should enact bye-laws to help address this canker.

The contractor working on the Sandema road should protect our trees.

I remain a citizen and not a spectator.