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Asiedu Nketia-

Comment: Who has presented false documents?

Charles Agbernu
2016-01-11 11:32:23
Comment to:
Don´t change the topic!

false documents?

Rawlings and NDC presented false accounting figures to World Bank and Ghana was fined millions of dollars in 2001.

Gyimigyimi Mills presented false document to regularise the Regimanuel Bungalow gift to him. It turned out that the date on the fake document was a Sunday when Mills was on tour in Brong Ahsfo Region.
Asiedu Fur Coat Nketsia presented documents to prove that the NDC office building was for someone else. It turned out to be fake because the building was actually for NDC built by stolen funds.
Who is changing the subject. Are we not talking about fraud?

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01-11 00:15
Who has presented false documents?
Charles Agbernu
01-11 11:32