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Opinions of Monday, 11 January 2016

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel

Asiedu Nketia-

It's not my character to tongue-lash people in my write-ups,especially if it is someone I used to respect. Unfortunately, that is what I plan doing today.

As the heading may have hinted, my focal lenses today are on general mosquito, the thin god of the ruling government as he is affectionately described by his own party components.

I woke up on the 6th day of January 2016 switched on my television only to read one of the headlines in the news papers which goes like 'general mosquito calls for the arrest of Dr.Bawumia'.Folks, I was perplexed. I must confess that,the shock I had at this caption can better be imagined than to be described. Even if I do not know anything at all at least, I know that the electoral commission has admitted that the voters register is bloated which we all know is the 'gospel truth'.Why then will a 'political buffoon' because of democracy bisects his 'buccal cavity' at any convenient angle & call for the arrest of the ECONOMIC PROPHET, I mean, the ECONOMIC MESSIAH all in the name if freedom of speech.

I put it to Asiedu Nketiah that,if there is anybody who should be arrested then it should be our President[John Dramani Mahama]. Because it is under his watch that the country experienced the worst of all corruption cankers.

It is right under the nose if our President that Ghana rebranded metro mass transit busses with a whooping amount of $3.6milion.

1.What happened to the money that was used to raise the guinea-fowls that suddenly crossed our borders to Burkina-Faso?

2.What happened to the money that was pumped into the SADA Project all in the name of bridging the gab between the north & the south?

3.How much money was involved in the 'AMERI' deal?

Folks,so you see that it is politically unwise for any nincompoop to call for the arrest of Dr.Bawumia whiles our President continue to enjoy all the luxuries in the flag-staff house at the expense of the tax-payer.

A diamond we all know does not loose it's value simply because a dog barks at it.Dr.Bawumia is undoubtedly brilliant, competent, confident, affable & energetic. He does not loose these virtues simply because his detractors are shouting their voices hoarse.

I've said my mind in clean conscience & I know I'm going to have a blissful sleep because a clean conscience makes a soft pillow.

Comrades, this is just for breakfast. I shall stage a come back with launch & supper at the appropriate time.

Still, wishing you a happy new year.

Bombande Emmanuel.