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NPP protects drug dealers

Comment: Very rich indeed

Yaw Ohemeng
2015-05-21 07:21:16
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NPP protects drug dealers

It is very rich for Arthur K to be protesting this way. His whole political career has been spent thriving on the twists, by NPP opponents, of statements made by other NPP members.

His response to Amoako Baah was if he (Amoako Baah) was an NPP Executive member. Instead of defending himself legalistically, by referring to the Party's constitution, Arthur K rather went to town on other members, who he deemed had committed crimes and misdemeanours ranging from insulting the whole party to tribalism to drug dealing and taking.

For me the inference was accurate. If someone has committed these crimes but yet the NPP has not expelled him/her (according to Arthur Kennedy) then it amounts to protection.

This shows that the choice of poor words is not the province of only some within the NPP leadership but also Arthur Kennedy. His 'puritanical' crusade is finally catching up with him.

You made those statements, and if on reflection, they were poor, go on and apologise.

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05-21 00:20
Very rich indeed
Yaw Ohemeng
05-21 07:21