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Opinions of Thursday, 21 May 2015

Columnist: Kennedy, Arthur Kobina

NPP protects drug dealers

Irmo, SC

19TH May, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

My attention has been drawn to the above headline in the general news of Ghanaweb today.

That headline is false, malicious and calculated to fuel confusion and disaffection. It is the kind of style that has made Ghanaweb and a few other media outlets infamous.

As an author of a book on drugs, titled “THE DRUG INVASION OF WEST AFRICA”, I have consistently advocated, on the record that drugs should be treated as a non-partisan issue. I have disagreed, even with the NPP when it has accused the NDC government of involvement in drugs.

I believe no party in Ghana has a policy to promote the use and sale of illegal drugs and non can honestly claim that none of its members has been or is involved in drugs. Indeed, in my view, even if a President or Presidential candidate were convicted of drugs, it would be unfair to accuse his or her party of involvement in drugs.

I think all institutions; including churches and mosques have members who are involved in drugs. However, such involvement does not implicate these organizations.
We divert energy from the serious work of fighting drugs when we indulge in unnecessary finger-pointing.
Finally, our media must stop publishing garbage and help our nation move forward.
Let us move forward together.