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Mandela is gone living two patriots.

Comment: Africans

Jose Emene
2013-12-24 12:42:15
Comment to:
Mandela is gone living two patriots.

I fully support your views concerning Africans Leaders and what they are doing will they are in power.Everything you say is correct but calling on Africans ti deny or denonce God,it really stupid,maybe you beleave in a gost thinking that God is not acting in Africa.If you dont beleave,it is your problem.Is not about God,is about Africans to decide,if you dont do something,nothing will be done.Anyone who refuse to stand for something will fall for anything.Africans need to stand against those thiefs leaders and push them out even by force if they refuse to steep down peacefully.

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12-24 02:01
Jose Emene
12-24 12:42