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Opinions of Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Mandela is gone living two patriots.

Just cast your mind a few years back and you will remember Mobutu Sese
Seko of former Zaire, Sani Abacha of Nigeria. How could Omar Bongo of
Gabon support an electioneering campaign in France when people don’t
have food to eat in his own country, when there is only one road in
Gabon at that time?. The late President Felix Houphouet Boigny of Ivory
Coast was a confident major sponsor of Jacques Chirac’s maiden campaign
in which he lost to Francois Mitterrand, whilst many Ivorians were and
still are hungry. I salute Robert Mugabe and Jerry Rawlings.

This is the reason why I find the call by some Ghanaians, and for that
matter Africans, to pray for God’s intervention “a childish call”, one
of a low opinion, a disgrace to his common sense, the Government, and
the African Leadership. If there are any people on the earth who worship
God best, then it must be Africans. Go through churches on Sunday's
mornings and mosques on Fridays and find how many prayers are said for
Africa, its leaders, as well as for others worldwide.

When our
leaders go globetrotting, siphoning national cash to foreign banks,
killing each other, and backbiting everywhere, and having no iota of
commitment and dedication to duty, do they expect God to rain manner on
Africa?. Tell them, they should stop amassing wealth for themselves,
instead spend the money to develop Africa. There are several rich people
within Africa who can feed several thousands of people within their
countries for the rest of their lives. Instead, they buy luxurious cars
that are not used by even US Presidents, or European Presidents. Built
mansions across every town and areas. Sad for Africa!!.

Timber,cocoa,sheanuts comes from remote areas of Ghana with no portable
drinking water and access roads,Do they have any conscience at all?.
I salute former president Jerry Rawlings,after ruling Ghana for nearly
20 years,go to his house you will confirmed that,the man truly of his
class. I mean a very simple man. Go to former president Kufour's
residence,he decorated his house as if he's a Prince of a rich Saudi
Oil Merchant, did anybody confront him?. God is watching!!!!.

Our own leaders rather went on defending the indefensible. Most of our
leaders are a disgrace to the youth of Ghana and Africa at large. Travel
around the globe and see how Ghanaians and other Africans are doing
anything to survive everywhere. You think they can't do this at home if
they could earn a livelihood from that. You shake hands with some
Ghanaian graduates and they're in a hurry to pull their hands away
because of their gritty palms. It's really a shame!!!!!.

them, Heaven, and for that matter God, helps those who help themselves.
Tell that those people that he should walk through the churches and
mosques of Ghana and hear how much prayers are said for the country, the
president, and the ministers. Yet, THIEVERY continues to be most of
them their working goals, whilst the ordinary Ghanaian cannot even pay
for his child's school uniform or get three meals a day.

I bet
you, if Ghana wanted to make education free from primary to university,
we could easily do that. In the past, Look at all the monies from VRA
that Dr. Wireko Brobby spent on his "immoral sex trips",the Ghana at 50
celebrations,See all the fruitless joy trips that former president
Kufuor undertakes just as an ambition to visit every country in the
world before leaving office?.

Our failure stems from our
leaders. Despite the availability of abundant resources, most African
countries are poor because of corrupt leadership, intolerance and bad
attitudes of the people in high offices. At times I wish God was a
Nigerian or an Arab, so he will just strike them like he did to Ananias
and his wife when they lied.

As for the pastors and Imams,
don't complain, They are all hypocrites. They wear several thousand
dollar designer suits,Alchaba's, and stuff like that and drive in super
luxurious cars whilst they advise their members to continue to fast.
They may be doing something, but they could do better.

I tell
you, if things don't change in the nearest future and Africans start
denouncing God, it will even be a disaster. I'm sorry, but I seem to be
so sad and bitter from the attitude of all the leaders, political and
religious alike.
It’s an attested fact that no monkey would pluck
fruits from the trees and lose them to the Antelope when her kids are
starving, yet African leaders stash lots and lots of monies in Swiss and
other European Banks when several thousands of Africans go hungry, with
no education, and infrastructure is non existent. Does this suffice to
say that African Leaders do not have the brains of even Monkeys?.

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