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The NDC Government Makes a Joke of Itself

Comment: Look at this man

2011-08-04 02:55:24
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This Adofo guy has malaria parasite

Look at this man ooooh. These people are the greedy bastards your founder was talking about surrouding the lazy and unproductive president Ghana has ever had in its political history. Instead of this man to learn something better from this piece he's started insulting Nana Addo. Can't you see that this piece is showing us really what is heppening in Ghana today? Do you see urself better of since this lazy president took the mantle. AAA may be you are one of the greedy bastards your founder was talking about? Ghanaians are waiting for you in 2012 wether their life have changed or not

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08-04 01:59
Look at this man
08-04 02:55