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Accra Aca Is Calling.

Comment: Accra Aca is calling

Patriotic Ghanaian
2007-01-02 10:13:55
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Accra Aca Is Calling.

What is this about other elite scholls being named with certain tribal groups in mind. Thorugh out the work, schools, towns, streets are named afer or for people as recognition for their contribution to the communities or society ....... Not for tribal reasons. Afteraa, what is there to gain in that. Was Obetsebi Circle named for tribal reasons? Please show some level of intellect, and just go ahead and solicit for funds in thename of education, as most schools in Ghana do. It first starts with the old students, just as you've listed. ... Most of them (those alive) appear to have made it, and can get the ball rolling.
I will be ready to send in my little conribution, simply because I believe in education.

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01-01 18:56
Accra Aca is calling
Patriotic Ghanaian
01-02 10:13
Alhaji Chief Eng Dr Yum Yum
01-02 21:49