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Opinions of Monday, 1 January 2007

Columnist: Nikoi Kotey

Accra Aca Is Calling.

Are you a breathing man or woman? Do you have a soul? Do you with pride point to Accra Academy as your alma mater? Then please pay heed to the clarion call of Accra Aca. Accra Aca passionately beckons. She has decided to build a state of the art boarding house. She needs your contribution.

Whether you walked only through her humble and ascetic Ellen House corridors at James Town, Accra Aca direly still needs you

Whether you only drank from her bubbling fountain at Bubuashie, Accra Aca is eloquently calling. She needs your help and support.

If like me, you were privileged to experience both the humbling Ellen House mystic and the ‘Michigan’ campus serene environment, heed Accra Aca’s clarion call.

Wherever and whoever you are, please accept this noble challenge and rise to the occasion, pronto!

Though, like me your name may be unknown and unrenowned, yet be proud and answer her call. You are in good company. Think of the burning desire of the Founding Fathers. Think of their motivation, their unprecedented and imaginative vision. Think of their tone for holistic approach to education. Think of their uncompromising blend of academic excellence with positive character formation methods. Think of how they sacrificed and worked tirelessly and painstakingly under difficult environmental conditions. Yet under all the foregoing and by the Grace of the Almighty God, within a short period of time they were able, at the dawn of Ghana’s Independence in 1957, to bring Accra Academy among the elite Eight secondary schools in the country. Compare this with the origin of the other seven elite schools

Of this seven, two were named after tribal chiefs while another was named after Roman Catholic Saint of Hippo. Of the Eight of us one owed its existence through the initiative of the British Colonial Administration. Six were the minions and wards of four dominant Christian denominations. Accra Aca was the only one of the Eight which emerged from the initiative, foresight, dogged and unquenchable determination of a tribal group.

Like a never-ending bubbling fountain generations of distinguished and not-so distinguished Ghanaians (predominantly sons) have filled their academic thirst in Accra Academy halls. Among these were Lt-Gen J. A. Ankrah, class of 37, a head of state; Speakers of Parliament D. F. Annan, class of 45 and Peter Ala Adzetey class of 51; Chief Justices F. K. Apaloo, of class of 42, Samuel Azu Crabbe, class of 39 and Justices G. C. Mills-Odoi, class of 37, G. Koranteng-Addo, class of 39, V. C. R.A.C. Crabbe, class of 43, and N. Y. B. Adade, class of 46. A countless number of cabinet ministers starting from Ako Adzei, class of 37, a member of the exclusive Big Six of Ghana Independence struggle and the one who recommended Nkrumah to the Ghana political scene. Among the list of those Ghanaian scholars who called Accra Aca their home were or are Lebrecht Fifi Hesse, class of 54 (the first African Rhodes Scholar), Dr. Kwaku Aning class of 1960 (Atomic Energy Commission, Vienna, Austria), Prof Samuel Gyasi class of 1960 (formerly University of California at Beckley). Notably or ironically Aning and Gyasi were among the first four Ghanaians/Africans to be awarded First class in Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi. Chiefs (as exemplified byE. N. Omaboe ( Nana Wereko Ampem II), class of 50, Nana Kwame Akuoko Sarpong, class of 57, and Neeyi Ghartey class of 1975) Sports men and Sports Administrators (some singular examples being Adjin-Tetteh, class of 51 and J. K. Aduakwa, class of 60 and Ohene Djan, class of 43) H P Nyemitei class of ? (Accra Hearts of Oak fame), Jelicoe Quaye class of 36 alike walked through the corridors of Accra Aca. The Ghana civil service and medical profession have had their fair share of Accra Aca products. Conspicuous on the list are Nathan Quao, class of 35 (Head of Foreign Services from Kwame Nkrumah`s regime to Kuffuor); Harry Dodoo, class of 38 (Chairman and Managing Director Cocoa Marketing Board); Capt Attuquayefio, class of 63 (formerly managing director of Black Star Line first African licensed to command a merchant ship). Dr. Mustapha, class of 50 (world renowned neurologist); Dr. Archampong, class of 51; and Prof. Quarcoopome, class of 43. Military officers like Brigadier Utuka, Brigadier Crabbe and British Parliamentarian Hon Paul Boateng, class of 68 like many others, came to Accra Aca in pursuit of something ennobling and splendid that they believed only Accra Aca could provide. Accra Aca did not disappoint them

Imagine how the Founding Fathers will feel in their respective graves to witness with the cutting of the sword for the building of this state of art boarding house in conjunction with the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Ghana’s Independence. Please remember your school motto: Esse Quam Videri (to be is better than seem to be). Let us rise to the challenge and the occasion as Academicians. Cheers and B L E O O O O.

Please send your donations to mailing address:

New Boarding House Fund,
Accra Academy,
P O Box 501, Accra,

To bank directly:
Accra Academy Old Students’ Association
Barclays Bank (Makola Branch)
Account number: 035-1027339

Ghana.Telephone (233)-021-221721

By: Nii Sowa Antemu Kome, class of 1962 (now called Nikoi Kotey)