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Opinions of Saturday, 12 February 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

"Yere Ko di" Valentine Day! – Ghana all the Way – year of Action!

The French and the English came up with a custom in the 14th Century where on a set
date of the year, St. Valentine's Day, a letter, card or gift expressing love or
affection, was sent, often anonymously, to one's Sweetheart. This custom is said to
have declined around the turn of the 20th century, and revived in the 1920s. The
romantic association of the day is said to be from it being around the time when
birds choose their mates. The above is a brief history about the Valentine Day which
is celebrated on the 14th day of February of each year.

Ghanaians as usual have taken the celebration a step further up the rung of the
ladder. Many a Ghanaian has misconstrued the purpose of the Valentine's Day. They
have come to associate it with satisfying ones libido. Be that as it may, I wish
them good luck.

The Valentine Day brings both good and bad memories to many. Some men may shower
gifts on some women with the ulterior motive of wooing them from their usual
relationships. Others will simply be snubbed by their partners for one reason or the
other. Some will also be so indulged in the festive that their house can
inadvertently be set alight. Whatever you do, be cautious about what is going on
around you; don't be oblivious about your health and safety.

"Once bitten, twice shy" so an adage goes. Monday, 14th February 2011 will be
exactly one year that the Former President, J.J. Rawlings lost his Ridge residence
to a never-established source of conflagration. Just a day after, one Nana Darkwah
got himself into a serious trouble by asserting without mincing words what the
likely source of the inferno that gutted the Rawlingses' house was. Anyway, Nana
Darkwah after the ordeal he went through is now a semi free man. He is understood to
be in self-imposed house arrest for his own safety. Rawlings on the other hand is
being built his dream house as alleged by the Seer, Nana Darkwah. This is just by
the way.

I expect an uneventful Valentine Day this year for every Ghanaian wherever you
happen to be. Get yourselves condoms those that may desire to have one night stand
with unknown persons. Whatever you do, whatever you drink, whatever you eat, do it
with moderation. Abuse of anything has never been known to augur well for anyone
regardless of the circumstance.


Rockson Adofo