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Opinions of Sunday, 15 March 2015

Columnist: AsomaAwudu

Why are hard toothbrushes even produced if they are bad

Toothbrush is the main component in maintaining a good oral hygiene and hence has a great impact on your overall health too. Yet the unfortunate truth remains, no one tells Ghanaians which toothbrush is best to have. Even the advertisements more focus on toothpastes than toothbrushes.
We all must have noticed a soft sticky layer forming on our teeth everyday. This layer is called PLAQUE. It is mainly formed of food debris and bacteria,(over 700 different types of bacteria in the mouth). Brushing teeth removes plaque and gives us clean teeth, gums and a fresh breath. For healthy teeth and gums it is mandatory to have good oral hygiene and for that brushing must be perfect.
The best toothbrush that enables effectivecleaning is the soft bristle. Majority of people in Ghana, innocently,go for hard toothbrushes believing such brushes can do the job better.
Scrubbing your teeth is cruel and no proper cleaning is achieved. The hard bristle would damage your gums and expose the root portions of your teeth. This would be followed by mechanical abrasion of the teeth. Subsequently, you may have to contend with tooth sensitivity.
Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body (much harder than bone), yet it is possible to abrade it away. Time is of the essence. Just like a concave depression may be created in a rock under a waterfall, you are going to cause V-shaped notches in your teeth. And eventually the underlying dentin wears away too- then you have the nerves exposed.
And as for asking, why are hard toothbrushes even produced if they are bad for you? Well, why are cigarettes even produced if they are bad for you? The answer is, there is a market for them and money to be made. The manufacturer is not concerned with your health, only your wallet.
SAVE A Smile-Gh, Bolgatanga