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Opinions of Monday, 11 May 2015

Columnist: Superior, Musa

Why Nana Addo's Presidency is crucial.

Musah Superior.

Good leadership in everything is critical. Even in smaller families or institutions, good leadership is key in their development and growth. Good Leadership can best be appreciated when the person in the lead is broadly analysed,his or her vision scrutinised and whether or not the said vision connects with the people and in tandem with their aspirations. How he/she (leader) works to achieve his/her vision is also crucial in determining his or her skills.

Strategic and visionary leadership is what is required now to repair this badly damaged country. The woes of the citizens have worsened. Economic conditions have become intensely bad. All facets of government have crumbled in an increasingly confusing and dilapading nation.The decadance in the political and governance system is monolithic. I reckon that the Mahama led government has lost it. President Mahama is unable to HIT A HOME RUN.

This therefore calls for a paradigm shit. Arguably, our circumstances today makes the 2016 elections the most crucial in recent times. Let's all be guided by the severity of our individual circumstances and most importantly the fitness of the country.

Nana Addo believes in one thing in his long years ambition to lead our country. He believes in our country, the people and the potentials of all. He believes that, the resources of our must be used to develop our country where every Ghanaian is given the opportunity to connect his aspiration/vision to the larger national programme.

Nana Addo's Presidency will be robust, strategic and proactive. Attending to the needs of the people is the only reason a government should exist.The people centered approach gives meaning to the institution of governance.

In this election, the NPP fellowship has a huge responsibility to "evangelise" the Ghanaian people. We in the NPP know and are aware about the magnitude of the crisis in our country. We are courageous and have the stamina to continue to "fight" for proper governance, proper education, good healthcare and the efficient management of the economy and fiscal policy. Other Ghanaians have lost hope, depressed and unable to pull their thoughts together. Citizens have lost confidence in the political system and are unable to engage meaningfully; all as a result of the hugely disappointing performance of the NDC government.

So talk to your neigbour and reassure him or her. Tell him or her we are in this crises because the leadership of the country are un visionary and unstrategic.

Now is the time for an assertive, proactive and more transparent leadership and Nana Addo is on hand to providing just that.

Let your friend, household and community be imbibed with who Nana Addo is.Tell them about his virtues and values and why he is crucially needed to step in at the stage.

Ghana must work again and together, we shall make it possible. Be the Nana in your local area and don't get defeated.