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Opinions of Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Columnist: Hanan, Sulemana Abdul

We were told the election was rigged ...



The pertitioners should kneel down in big shame for lies that they peddled to their teeming supporters just after they were sweepingly and badlY beaten by NDC.They have made a bald lie shame on them.

In sports if you are soundly defeated what you do is to take it and go back to the drawing board and reanalyzed what happened,what you did not do,was the defeat caused by technical deficiency,or the playing body.

What we see after that defeat is- they are blaming the refree for handling the match which is widely commended worldwide to be the most cleanest and finest in Africa.

They are goose-chasing non existent evidence of rigging. There is no any evidence to back up the allegations just want to buy time,pacify their supporters and relieve themselves some socking pains that rocked them after the deveat.

Up till now, I have not seen any water-tight evidence of rigging from their arguments in court nor are they able to prove any substantial,material and dependable traits of rigging in the court.

We were told that the EC deducted some votes from their candidate yet at the supreme court have they not shamely abondoned that claim?.They have no evidence.They are doing propaganda.

From the beginning till the end of the case in court,what they are proving is not rigging as we were told,but mechanical errors and some human errors which did not add or subtract any of their votes.This is what they can rely on for there is no any evidence.

I am very bored about the case because I and many thought that they will be bringing damning evidence in court,but finally they are talking about the breaking of machines,no signature and what have you.Is this what we were told just after the elections?-no I am disappointed in them.

NPP should wait insha allah,some days to come,a real defeat is staring them in the face when the verdict is read.They will weep uncontrolaby .We will see what else they will say.I do not think they can call for a review because they will be beaten again.If they do not want to get three-nil. (ayele)