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Opinions of Thursday, 2 June 2011

Columnist: Annang, Alhaji Issa Adjetey

Vice President Joins The Property Grabbing Train!

JOHN MAHAMA,Ghana’s Vice President Joins The Property Grabbing Train!

Zion train as the late Bob Marley, the reggae superstar said is indeed coming our way. This train of freedom and prosperity unfortunately is not stopping at the door of the masses but it is definitely stopping at the doors of the current Ghanaian leadership and its government ministers. The rate at which senior members of the Ghanaian government especially government ministers are grabbing properties left right and centre, in pursuance of their own selfish desires is defying the natural laws of freedom and social justice for the masses. From Mr Totobi Quakyi’s clandestine purchase of TV3,Ghana’s leading private Radio station despite being the Chairman of the National Communication Authority, to the building of mansions using public resources by Madam Hannah Bissiw, Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, Mr Twumasi Appiah, Madam Hannah Tetteh Kpordah, and Dr Kwabena Duffuor; Mr Johnson Aseidu Nketia ‘s sabotage of the Bui dam meant to provide electricity for the people of Ghana and Madam Ama Benyiwa Doe’s diversion of half a million dollars worth of school buiding contracts to build back to back mansions at the expense of poor contractors struggling to find jobs, shows the naked defying of the natural laws of freedom and justice. This defiance has now engulfed no other person that the Vice President of the Republic, Mr John Dramani Mahama.

It was reported by Mr Alhaji Idrissu Bature, Editor of the Al Hajj newspaper and currently one of Ghana’s honest and credible journalists, on a radio station in Accra called Asempa FM , also one of Ghana’s leading radio stations six weeks ago that there was a seemly cold war and hostility between President John Evans Atta Mills office and the Vice President s office. Mr Bature, in a genuine effort not to soil the image of the government in public, declined to comment further . Further investigation by the New World reveals that our Vice President, who has deliberately kept himself out of the power struggles in his party is quietly but shamelessly using his office as the second gentleman of the land to build up a huge property portfolio in the Middle East, Europe and Far East We have discovered that

1. Mr John Mahama, through the support of the Al Raskia Holding Company in Doha, Qatar has bought a 4 million dollar stake in a Hotel, The Grand Heritage Hotel and Spa in Qatar in a manner that has raised eyebrows as this money was transferred from an offshore account in his name registered in Gibraltar, The question we ask is why is our sitting Vice President using a tax haven to be hiding money from the Ghanaian public and investing in a foreign company? is this not a conflict of interest? Where did the Vice President of Ghana come by such a huge amount of money after only 2 and a half years in office?

2. We are also asking the Vice President to explain his involvement with Nordska Shipping and Mining Company based in Helsinki, Finland. On the 16th of December,2010, this medium sized company was bought By unknown persons for 200,000 dollars. What drew our attention was a report in a finnish weekly about the rise of Nordska as a shipping force owned by a Ghanaian. We were startled to find that, in fact the owner and sole director is no other person than Mr John Dramani Mahama. Interestingly the secretary of this company is one Mrs Barbara Essuman, who owns a catering firm Barbara’s Food Distribution PLC in Los Angeles, USA and is a known fundraiser for the NDC abroad. How and when did Mr Mahama purchase this company as it is not recorded in the list of assets he declared in 2009, as the Vice President of Ghana?

We at New World Media believe that it is time our laws are changed empower the parliament of Ghana to impeach and sanction our leaders who use their office to amass wealth for themselves and their families. We are extremely frustrated and disappointed in Mr John Mahama as some of us saw him as a man of integrity and humility. John Mahama must be ashamed of himself of using his office for profiteering and personal gain. If he had any conscience or had any sense of respect he should resign his office and face the courts of the land, Imagine behaving like this in a country where currently 55% of the population cannot even afford to buy food!

We are still investigating more of his activities in the Far East more specifically in Hong Kong and Taiwan

We await his response and call on him TO SEARCH HIS CONSCIENCE and refund all monies he has taken from the Ghanaian people to fund these companies.

Alhaji Issa Adjetey Annang New World Media Limited,