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Opinions of Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Tsatsu Tsikata Needs Anger Management Training

Our Supreme Court Justices are men and women who have achieved the ultimate pinnacle in their careers and deserve our respect so I will thread gingerly here and apologise to them beforehand if I say anything that shows disrespect because I have the utmost respect for all of them but it seems to me Tsatsu Tsikata is being allowed to run roughshod on the Courts magnanimity by disrespecting them. When Tsatsu told Lawyer Addison to shut up, he did not only disrespect Lawyer Addison but the whole court including the esteem nine Justices of the panel and I was surprised Justice Atuguba who has run a strict courtroom is now allowing Tsatsu to talk in court like a street bully. I think Tsatsu should have been cited for behaving like a primitive lawyer without court room decorum. Tsatsu should have been warned infront of the whole court to withdraw that insultive statement and apologize but instead Justice Atuguba waved him on to carry on with his cross examination after sustaining Lawyer Addisons objection which led to Tsatsu's diarrhea of the mouth statement.

The law fraternity might be shaking their heads and wondering what Tsatsu was thinking when he told the Petitioners Lawyer Addison to shut up for doing his work in objecting to his line of questioning. Tsatsu has no respect for anybody and though Justice Atuguba has given Tsatsu a long rope which by now he should have used to hang this loudmouth so called Law luminary for insulting the court. The fact that Tsatsu is frustrated and losing his underseved reputation as a great lawyer does not mean he has to resort to this village "AKURAASE TAAMAN" behaviour.

Maybe Tsatsu who is a genius academically but a pedestrian lawyer without any landmark winning case to his name is trying to prove to Ghanaians that he is a great lawyer in the mold of the Perry Mason's forklore fame without those attributes when you peel the veneer off, Tsatsu is more like a Traffic Ticket lawyer without any ability to handle a landmark case like what is going on at the Supreme Court. Now I do undesratnd why the NDC wanted to join this case just to prolong the court proceedings with their convicted criminal lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata.For those of you who did not witness what went on in court yesterday, Tsatsu's day of infamy as a lawyer came about during this exchange;

"Tsikata demands from the witness to mention at least two people who gave the exhibit numbers and who were present during signing and stamping by the Commissioner of Oath.

Bawumia mentions Akoto Ampaw, Gloria Akuffo; Counsel for the petitioners is up on his feet, demanding the relevance of the question being asked of his witness. He says asking the witness who were present during the stamping ceremony is not relevant to the court. He insists asking the witness to divulge issues that went on between himself and his counsel is unethical and must not be allowed by the court.

Tempers flare

Tempers flare as Tsikata asks Addison to "shut up" so he could continue with his submission. Addison pleads with the bench to speak to the counsel to tone down on his language otherwise they are capable of responding in like manner.

Counsel for the first respondent Tony Lithur is also up defending the relevance of the question being asked by Tsikata. But Addison again springs to his feet challenging the right of Lithur to speak on the matter. He says in what capacity is Lithur making his arguement. Is he now part of counsel for the third respondent? he asks. Presiding Judge Atuguba steps in to calm tempers. He confers with his colleagues on the bench to give a ruling on the objections raised by Addison. Objection Ruling

The judges sustain the objection raised by counsel of petitioner on the issue of relevance of the question being asked of the witness. They however direct the Tsikata to limit his questions regarding who was present to only those persons are not lawyers.

They also sustain the objection raised against Lithur interjecting during cross examination by the third respondent."

Tsatsu is a frustrated lawyer after failing to nail Dr. Bawumiah in any lies and his much vaunted law prowess in tatters, he has resorted to bullying tactics and the court has to rein this 'law luminary' in. Later in the day, Tsikata showed his village behaviour again when he told Lawyer Addison that he has no experience in cross examination. This came about when Tsikata tried to find from Dr Bawumiah who were present when the Commissioner of Oath signed the affidavits. Lawyer Addison raised objection to that questioning with the explanation that, Tsikata is being speculative on his line of questioning and has been repetitive.Tsikata fires back saying Addison is showing a mark of "inexperience" when it comes to cross examination.

Once again, the Judges sustained Lawyer Addisons objection showing who has experience in cross examination. Tsatsu is doing more showmanship to cement his reputation as a great Lawyer which has no basis because he has no record to back that reputation up. Tsatsu has never won any case worth a spit for him behave like Perry Mason.

Justice Sarpong