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Opinions of Thursday, 26 March 2020

Columnist: Selorm Kwame Dzokoto

Total lockdown will kill more Ghanaians than coronavirus ever will

I hear many people calling for a total lockdown. But considering the kind of economy we have and the nature of our day to day activities in search for bread and butter, with a considerable number of Ghanaians being homeless, and the rate of streetism, we might end up killing more people with the lockdown than Coronavirus would do!

Much as I agree that stringent measures should be taken to control the Corona virus pandemic, a total lockdown is one I wouldn't easily push for.

Countries that have gone through the lockdown way, first of all, have a stronger and better economy, they have also made provisions to cushion their citizens in order to give them some economic relief as they stayed indoors.

Over here in Ghana, we are even unable to distribute free sanitizers to people who have been quarantined by government.

Landlords are still demanding their rents from tenants. Prices of protection kits have sky rocketed. Even if a total lockdown will be the ultimate solution, we first need to prepare the grounds for it, in order to make it easier for the citizens to adhere to it.

You tell a guy who sleeps under a table on the streets, or sleeps in front of closed stores in the market, who's only survival depends on his daily up and downs, to stay "indoors" for 14 or more days without any interventions and you think he can survive?

Moreover, we are entering the rainy season with its accompanying floods and poor drainage. Floods that we haven't been able to deal with for decades. If Ghana goes on lockdown, we might lose more lives than the Coronavirus, people are scared of.

Let's not just be shouting lockdown! lockdown! because we hear it often. It involves a lot and comes with a lot of ramifications.

Observe the precautionary measures and live the rest in the hands of what you believe in . Or unless government is ready to put in measures that will benefit every Ghanaian before the lockdown.
Remember the National cake belongs to all and sundry who is a Ghanaian , so every decision taken by government must benefit all.

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