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Opinions of Thursday, 15 October 2015

Columnist: Mr. Bombs

The ruling government and the state coffers

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Many analysts and critiques in Ghana have questioned the possible criteria and standard used by his Excellency president John Dramani Mahama in choosing his ministers, DCEs, advisors, board of directors and the likes.

A good number of them have been reshuffled, some of them too have been sacked, with many of them accused of corruption and other serious crimes committed against the people of Ghana which are incompatible with acceptable standards expected of ministers of state and government appointees, but none of these officials has been apprehended, prosecuted or asked to face the law. All we hear is COMMITTEE FORMATION.

Folks, I have to be honest with you. I am not a “walking encyclopedia” but the last time I checked, I realized that the constitution gives the president the power to appoint and dismiss at will. But common sense should tell the number one gentle man of the state that mere dismissal is not enough. Ghanaians are always interested in the post dismissal “drama”.

Are you still struggling to get the link? Anyway, close your mouth and let me take you down the lane.

Corruption is any act under taken with the aim of personal pecuniary or financial gratification. It is an illegal, unethical and bad behavior which is unprofessional, unpatriotic, unchristian and inhuman. It involves soliciting for bribes or acting deliberately to delay service delivery in order for the recipient of the service to do something to speed up the process by offering something by way of “Kola”.

In some cases involving women, it may end up as “bottom power” where sexual favours are sought in order to award contracts or a job or get promoted or obtain a high exam mark. I am not surprised some of the incarcerated judges in the Anas exposé exchanged justice for sex.

One of them actually called me on phone after the “sex game” and told me there is too much power in “ladies buttocks”. That statement quickly brought the picture of Vicky Hammah to mind. A bird whispered into my ears that, a high profile personality and Vicky Hammah practiced the Acheampong syndrome “fa woto begye golf” before she got appointed.

Not stopping there, the bird also said, during the 2014 world cup fiesta, Mr. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah also tasted the “power” in the buttocks of those celebrities he went with.

If indeed what the bird said is anything to go by, then it is very serious for a country like Ghana which is touted as rapidly growing in democracy and a shining example for many African countries.

What beats my imagination is that, after his failure to account to Ghanaians, the president welcomed him in his “humble abode” in the name of reshuffling instead of making the necessary arrangements for his prosecution.

Folks, will I be wrong if I say that the president is corrupt because he endorses corruption? Don’t forget of the popular akan adage “se opanin tena fie ma nkodaa we nanka a, yebu nanka wefo? a, ?kaho bi”.

How long should we sit down for a few people to abuse their offices in feathering their nets at our expense? This does not call for war but rather being vigilant and scrupulous in reporting saboteurs and corrupt officials especially in this current administration taken cognizance of the kind of history they have.

Despite corruption being part and parcel of this ruling government, its prodivities can be drastically minimized by removing all semblances of pseudo-bureaucracy and administrative encumbrances and encrustations.

Singapore has done it, Kuwait has done it, Egypt is far ahead, Nigeria is doing it and I sincerely believe Ghana can do it and do it better.

Comrades let us stand on our feet and make sure that the president and his “boys” account for every single pessewa before we finally boot them out of office in 2016.
Let me reiterate here in this piece of writing once again that, I am not scared of the negative comments it will attract, I am more that the word “ready” to welcome them.

God bless all my readers, God bless mother Ghana.

Mr. Bombs